Download NetVelocity App APK to test Jio 4G speeds

    Net Velocity is the speed test app for Android that comes with some good features for testing the upload and download speeds, the latency, and also the speeds for access to YouTube and Facebook apps. It is very much comparable to the Speedtest app that is famous already on different platforms and gives quite an accurate information of the data connectivity speeds.

    We specifically mentioned Jio speeds here because even though the app can check for the speed of any Internet connectivity, it is the Jio network that is under the radar recently because even though the speeds shown are good, the connectivity to certain common websites is too slow. NetVelocity can check the direct connectivity to websites like Facebook and YouTube to let the user know if there is actually an issue or not.

    Features of NetVelocity App

    • Tell you whether the device is running on Wi-Fi or Data (and the network)
    • The band of Wi-Fi is mentioned
    • Tests Download Speed
    • Tests Upload Speed
    • Tests the Latency in the connection (Ping speed)
    • Tests the Jitter
    • Checks for the Packet loss in the connectivity
    • Google, Facebook and YouTube connectivity time taken

    All these above checks are done under the Full Test option, and there is a Quick Test tool as well for those who just want to see how fast the network is, and here, the Net Velocity app checks only for the Download, Upload, and Latency.

    The app also shows some Device information, including the battery stats, model number, Chipset, serial number, Android version and Build number.

    Some users have reported that the app is crashing before the test completes and thus the information is not stored in the history and it is true with even us for a few times but you should clear all the apps in the background and it should work fine. The app does a good job of checking for the net speeds, both on data network and on Wi-Fi.

    Download NetVelocity App APK for Android

    Here is the link to download the official Net Velocity app that is a part of the Jio apps network that are available on the Jio Store.

    Netvelocity_Pros_3.2.9.apk: Download Link

    To install this app, you will have to first go to Settings and under Security section, you will have to allow for the installation of apps from external sources. Only then, the app will be installed from the APK file. Have any issues related to the app? Do comment below.

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    1. Today i just checked the speed of jio on net velocity app. Results are download speed is 1.4mbps and upload speed is 0.5mbps. but trai official app myspeed shows the results for jio speed in the same decice after 2 minutes are download speed is 0.4mbps and upload speed is 0.2 mbps. Which is correct?

    2. 5th Jan 2018 Is NETVELOCITY speed test android app. developer sponsered by Reliance JIO ? Many users have given negative rating for this app.

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