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ApStation is the first DeFi Platform to launch NFT collections on Aptos

The Aptos NFT ecosystem has already had an amazing start with some projects doing so well in their nascent stage, but as usual, many artists and talented individuals and teams are not able to launch their own NFT collections even if they wanted to. ApStation is a platform that will help them launch the collections.

ApStation is a decentralized platform for launching your own NFT collections on the Aptos blockchain. Having a few major pillars and values around what they do, ApStation takes into account the efficiency and the time being taken to launch the NFT collection, comfort for making it easy for users to use the platform, and technology where they ensure that the launch happens without any issue.

Here’s how ApStation works, and here are the features offered by the platform for NFT projects.

  • Launch your own NFT collection: Creating a collection in a couple of clicks. Improved whitelisting system. Choosing the value of the NFT and royalties. Linking a wallet to which the income from the fees will go. Saving templates to run another collection.
  • Mint NFT collections: The user can mint NFT on a separate page of running collections. When minting by whitelist, the user’s wallet must be added in advance.
  • Voting: Each user, who is a $ASN token holder, has a vote to decide on important updates within the platform. Each successful vote will bring tokens to the participants.
  • Stake ASN: Staking tokens opens up a huge list of possibilities and privileges to use and manage the platform.

ASN Staking Benefits

ApStation has set up a deflationary mechanism for its token, which will make the token number lesser with time, thanks to the combustion methods that have been set up.

  • Every week, 20% of the earnings from commissions from launching user NFT collections, will be spent on repurchasing tokens from secondary markets and carrying out the “Burn” function, namely by sending them to a non-existent, zero-address.
  • Every quarter, the ApStation team will do a scheduled token burn using the same “Burn” system, in the amount of 1% of the total supply.
  • Each successfully completed DAO vote will burn 0.01% of the token supply already issued.

Charges for launching an NFT collection

The good part of ApStation is that they don’t charge initially for the launch, and it is completely free of cost for you to get all the support needed for launching it. What they charge is 2% of the profit made from the mint. For example, if it is a 10 APT mint price, you get 9.8 APT from each minted NFT because 2% goes to ApStation. But they aren’t charging you for the technology needed to launch the collection.

ASN Token

We had mentioned the ASN token earlier too when we discussed the collection launch mechanism, but what actually is the ASN token and how does it get involved here?

ASN is the main token of the ApStation platform, and it is the same token that helps the management of the DAO, and the interactions in the project are built on token handling. This would be a token on the Aptos blockchain and all the platform privileges will be available for the stakers of the token.

ApStation tokenomics

The total supply initially would be 100,000,000 ASN tokens, and the listing price during its sale would be $0.04 per token. The initial market cap on TGE will be $120,000 and the fully diluted market cap on TGE would be $4,000,000.

The decentralized platform, ApStation is on a mission to help the creators and artists to offer the easiest of solutions, while also benefitting the investors of the tokens in the longer run, and these investors can also help make the best decisions for the DAO.

  • ApStation website: Link
  • ApStation Documentation: Link
  • ApStation Twitter: Link
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