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Livepeer video streaming network integrates Aptos for seamless stream capabilities

Aptos and Livepeer have come together with the intention to help support creators and content owners to define the next generation of the creator economy. Livepeer, the decentralized video streaming network has integrated the Aptos network to offer seamless video streaming capabilities. With the help of Aptos integration, Livepeer will be able to help creators with easy-to-use, low-fee content ownership on their platform.

Livepeer went ahead with Aptos as the network for the streaming capabilities because Aptos is the lowest-latency production blockchain in the market. While this means that it would help in faster execution and a smooth building process, it will also help creators in getting access to tools to grow and scale their content, cost-efficiently.

Aptos Foundation rightly mentions that democratizing “video is a first step toward a more ‘creator-friendly’ creator economy where billions (and growing) of global users consume creator content daily.”

While the leaders in the longer and shorter formats of videos are still YouTube and TikTok respectively, and they have seen growths year-on-year, the cost of operation, production, and revenues falling for the creators have been making it hard for the creators to find success on the platforms even after dedicating their time and efforts. If the infrastructure itself is made cheaper, and if the creators are given a smoother way of transitioning their content, that will help creators get a higher share of earnings at the end of the day.

“It has never been more important to support the transition of power back to creators, and we’re happy Aptos can provide the architecture for this shift,” said Mo Shaikh, co-founder and CEO of Aptos Labs.

“As the Livepeer network continues to grow, it’s important developers building in ecosystems like Aptos can integrate rich video experiences like live streaming and video NFTs into their projects. Partners with the shared goal of developer growth like Aptos are key to expanding web3,” said Doug Petkanics, Livepeer Studio CEO & co-founder.

To help accelerate the shift from platforms to Livepeer, Aptos and Livepeer will soon offer streaming credits to developers building with Livepeer on the Aptos network.

Right now, the creators can check out the power of Aptos and Livepeer together in the Demo site that is made for users to upload content and see how it processes and is available for watching. Even streams can be set up by users to check out the network capabilities. Here’s where you can mint Demo NFT, and setup or watch streams.

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