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The Beacon Game

The Beacon Game – A PvE action game! Players Guide, Pets Mint Information

Among the best upcoming games that will rock the Blockchain gaming space in 2023, The Beacon will be one of those that will reign the space. The Beacon is a PvE game where as a player you enter dungeons, fight the enemies, and this is within a limited amount of time, and upon exiting the dungeon after successfully fighting, you are rewarded with loot that you can use to make your space better, or sell them off in the secondary marketplace.

The best part is that you can play the game already in its Settlement Launch phase, i.e. right now when you can play a playable prototype of The Beacon, and during this phase, you can play without having to buy anything and a free character will be given to you to do the daily activities, but if you want to actually do well and think of long-term gaming in here, you can mint a founding character, which costs $40 and given the demand this game already has, there are over 41000 founding characters minted by users while writing this.

Those who don’t purchase a character can still play the game, but they will hold a character that is not an NFT, not customizable, and that can only obtain common items that are not NFTs. In case you decide to mint one or buy and sell rare items, you would be able to do that through the Arbitrum network and the Magic token is what will be used for trading and ETH on Arbitrum for the mint.

The Pets will be another collection, will be a rarer set and they have a capped supply of 4096. Pets are generated with unique and random traits that have an effect on gameplay, they give them a yield boost to the character, and grant early access to the game once the full launch comes.

Pets can also be bred and pass down their traits. Some of these traits are scarce and unique, only obtainable through the initial generation, subsequent generations of pets won’t carry most of the benefits gen-0 pets carry. (yield, early access, etc).

The Game

The Beacon game has two parts for now, in this phase. Of course, the game will become bigger and will unlock a few more things after the Settlement Launch phase ends. Right now, while you can enter the dungeon and fight the enemies, the second part is a Tavern where you can answer the daily quiz question to get some rewards, and those can be either common or rare items.

The Beacon Tavern
The Tavern in the game for daily quiz!

In the dungeon, you will fight the enemies in a limited amount of time, move around and find the exit to finish the game and get rewarded for the same. While there are three different exits, each will have different rewards and you will be getting lesser rewards on the Coward exit while better rewards will be given when you go through the harder path.

Only if you play the game, you will be able to understand if the game is playable and if you are comfortable with this type of game or not. Since this is a free-to-play game, it is worth checking out for once to see how fun it is. Not a lot of time for the Pets mint to begin, so give your try for now. In The Beacon, players will enter dungeons with a base weapon of their choice, find upgrades to that weapon during their run through a dungeon, and will lose those upgrades at the end of a run whether via dying or completion. Dungeons will be procedurally generated so that players will encounter a unique set of challenges and experiences on every run.

Different Modes of Play

  • Single Player PvE
  • Co-op PvE
  • Housing System

While right now it is only an in-browser game, after the actual launch, the game will be available in both, in-browser and desktop modes, and the desktop client can be downloaded on Windows PCs.

The Pets Mint

The Pets Mint will occur after the Settlement Launch ends. The mint date will be starting December 16, 2022, at 00:00 GMT.

The Beacon Pets

The price of a pet egg will range from USD $80 to USD $110. Those who mint during the exclusive Whitelist Minting period will be able to purchase at USD $80. After this, during the Community Minting period, all pet eggs will be minted at USD $95. Then, they will be USD$110 during the Last Chance Minting period.

The USD purchase price of each Founding Character will be credited to the cost of minting Generation-0 Pet Eggs.

The lifecycle of the pet starts with the egg that is minted here, and this hatching of the egg takes time. Each body part is considered a trait, and while some of these traits come from the parent, some are randomly acquired.

Beacon Pets

Timings for Pets Minting for The Beacon

  • Whitelist Minting (December 16 from 00:00 – 12:00 GMT) – PRICE USD $80
  • Community Minting (December 16 from 12:00 – 24:00 GMT) – PRICE USD $95
  • Last Chance Minting (December 17 from 00:00 – 12:00 GMT) – PRICE USD $110

Any pet eggs that are not minted will be burned (at the stake).

The Beacon game can be played here, and before that, you need to set up your account if you want to mint a founding character, that can also be done here.

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