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State of Aptos NFTs Chapter 4

The State of Aptos NFTs – Chapter 4 – APT up, NFT floor still the same, what does it mean?

Welcome back. This series now feels like a journey with many of you reading it, sharing it, and giving it the credit I feel it deserves. This is the fourth episode of “The State of Aptos NFTs“, and the last episode was about 3 weeks ago, and there has been a lot happening in the Aptos NFT ecosystem in this short span of time.

If you didn’t check the previous ones, go read Chapter 3 of the series to get some context.

Now, unlike how I start talking about the floor comparison, let’s start with how the token itself fared in the past few weeks. The APT token was trading at around $3.61 on December 27th, and since the past week, it has grown exponentially to reach over 2x, currently trading at around $7.8 after hitting almost $9 a couple of days ago. While this is a very bullish sentiment, this affects the floor of the Aptos NFTs for the short term, because the ones who are looking at the NFT price in terms of USDT would want to seek an exit with some profits when things are green, but getting new buyers isn’t as easy because everyone looking at these collections would want to see the floor drop further as it would seem like they bought the recent top and they would want to avoid that.

Now, talking about the floors of the major collections in the Aptos ecosystem,

  • Aptomingos was around 54 APT, and right now is at 57 APT, which is more than double the value if you consider it in USD pricing
  • Aptos Monkeys was at about 20 APT, but now it is trading at around 22 APT, which is similar to Aptomingos, i.e. double the value in USD
  • Spooks were trading at around 9 APT, but now it is about 7.5 APT
  • Bruh Bears was about 8.5 APT and it is just around 8 APT right now

As I said, we could further see the floor dipping a bit unless there are some ways these projects keep rising the interest of newer investors. And that’s okay if the floor dips because we are looking at the USD value and that rose a lot.

Newly Minted

KreachersKreachers from InSilva got minted today. It was a free mint with a limited 777 supply, and while InSilva is yet to bring its main collection, they just wanted to thank the community for its patience. The collected minted well for three hours for the Whitelist, and then the public minted the rest in a few seconds. Kreachers has been trading well already on the secondary marketplace, and I swept a few keeping in mind that it is InSilva’s sub-collection and there could be perks included for the holders of this one. A free mint, already crossing a 6 APT floor, says a lot about the expectations people have with InSilva.

No other significant collections worth mentioning were minted in the past three weeks. The last time I mentioned the new ones included MAVRIK, Lemur Lounge, and Aptos Alpha Alpacas. The derivative stuff keeps dropping in randomly and some wash-traded smaller collections keep showing up on the 24-hour top-traded collections but they are not worth buying, talking about, or even checking.

What’s happening in the NFT space?

MetaPixel brings Gran Saga Unlimited to Aptos

2023 is going to see a lot of gaming, and the chains that will make it easier for the games to integrate themselves and get transactions done quickly will thrive. Aptos partnered with NPIXEL to launch the Gran Saga Unlimited game, which will launch towards the end of 2023. This will surely include NFTs as assets, and it will be exciting to see how it goes when the game is launched. Read all about the partnership and the game here.

SeaShrine launches Beta marketplace for public

SeaShrine Beta

SeaShrine, a new marketplace for Aptos NFTs has officially launched the Beta version for the public to try out and add suggestions based on the experience they have there. To be honest, I liked the easy interface and the importance they have given to the art over everything else. I have been in touch with the team with several suggestions, and they have been proactively working on the feedback given. Competition is always good, and them building a great marketplace will be good for the users.

Ledger support for Aptos dApps through Pontem Wallet

Pontem and Ledger

This was one of the big updates (though not related to NFTs directly), but Ledger now supports Aptos dApps through Pontem Wallet, where the hard wallet support that was well awaited is now finally seen thanks to the Pontem network. he integration makes it possible to swap APT and other assets on the Liquidswap DEX, as well as interact with other dApps using Ledger hardware wallets.

Skellies Labs Test Tube minting soon

Test Tube on Topaz

Skellies had initially tried minting when the market conditions were not so good and 292 scientists were minted at that time, with a total available volume of 1000. Now, they are launching on Topaz with the remaining 708 to be minted, though I guess the 292 will get one Test Tube airdropped for being a loyal holder, and all these test tubes will turn to Dead Scientist Gen 0.1 on a certain date later. The page on Topaz shows that the mint is on January 21st.

Aptoads secured a funding

Aptoads had a rather interesting journey so far, and while the vibes went down after the initial roadmap was delivered and the team not talking much about the future, they recently got funding and are all set to deliver the initial roadmap that was planned, and also expand the vision of NFTs on Aptos.

The next phase of Aptomingos – What is it?

Yeah, this sub-title is only to grab eyeballs. I don’t really know what Fischer and the team is up to, but it surely is going to be exciting. It is another collection and the Keys for whitelisting for it are still trading hot, but what I am excited to see is – whether it’s a human body with a Mingo’s head? That’d be fun.

What next from Aptos Monkeys?

Echo. We are hearing a lot about it. I have some Alpha, but won’t be sharing it here because it takes away all the fun attached to it, but the things I know make me more bullish on Aptos Monkeys, and if you haven’t gotten one of these, you should. The Rafflor and Jungle weren’t the only ones that the team was working on, as Echo is much bigger than those, given how it won’t be limited to only one project. That’s the alpha shared indirectly. If you got it, good for you 😉

What else is going on?

No update from Aptos Alpha Alpacas. One of the sadder things in this space is the Alpacas going dead silent after the mint, while they were so vocal prior to it. I tried contacting Josh, the founder who was very responsive before the mint, but now, doesn’t reply and it gives the vibes that make you feel like you lost your money and it will only be a surprise if they ever do anything that they promised.

Much lesser fake collections on Topaz – This was one feedback taken by Topaz in recent times and now we are seeing very few fake collections on the marketplace. Also, apart from that, Topaz has started integrating the official rarity of the collections, starting with Aptoads and Spooks, and I heard, Aptos Monkeys too will have their official ranks from their website integrated into Topaz!

End Notes

The past three weeks weren’t only about NFTs. They were about the APT token itself, its price gain of it, and how it affected the floor but overall saw the value of NFTs double itself.

As always, even though I am very open with my thoughts and share what I like and what I don’t, you should always do your own research before investing in anything, and invest what you can afford to lose. Aptos is still new (only 3 months since mainnet) so there will be huge movements both ways, so if you are having a conviction while entering the Aptos NFT ecosystem, remember to not panic and hold on to your assets if there are falls and rises in the NFT floors.

If you have any major updates to share that I might have missed, you can always reach out to me on Twitter @thecaptaingates or Discord Chetan#7559 and we can discuss!

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