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5 Hidden macOS Sierra Features you should know about

Apple has finally refreshed its operating system for their Mac computers and renamed it to macOS. The latest version of macOS is the macOS Sierra and it brings so many new things to the table apart from a new name. In this post we will look at some of the best 5 hidden features of macOS Sierra that will prove themselves to be useful to you.

App Tabs

No more we find tabs as a browser anymore. With MacOS Sierra, we find tabs in apps other than Safari. On tabs we can use Mail and Text edit app. But this new functionality isn’t really supported by the Command + T keyboard shortcut. You will first need to change the settings from System Preferences. To do so, just go to System Preferences > Dock > Prefer tabs in opening the documents to Always. After you have set this up, you can see that a new document or a new mail window will open up as a tab in the same window.

Mail Filters

The new Mail app offers filters to help the user sort through their inbox. At the top of the inbox, we will find small, circular button with three lines of decreasing length. It generally defaults showing us all the unread messages but on clicking on the blue text we can filter using other criteria’s. If the button is not seen or by mistake, we have crossed it then we can even use Mail’s Classic Layout also. To disable that view, go to Mail > Preferences > Viewing and then uncheck the box for using the classic layout.

New Editing Tools in Photos


This offers a big feature of updated Photos app where we can generate new lanes of memory. This is tucked inside with two more other apps including Brilliance and Mark-up. When editing a photo the new Brilliance slider can be found under the light section in the Adjust Menu. This app effectively combines Highlights, Shadows, Brightness and Contrast Adjustments. At the bottom of the column edit tools, along with the Photo edit edge we need to click the triple dot button to access the new Mark-up tool. As with Mail and Preview we can use Mark up to add Text, arrows, lines and other annotations to the photo.

Notes Collaboration

We can even share notes4 in the Stock Note app just to collaborate on the note taking exercise. Try to open a note and click the new share button at the top of the window. Now select according to our choice, how to enter a contact’s name and click onto Share. Once the request accepted invitees to the note can add, edit and remove content.

Previews and Tap backs with messages

The new Messages app on macOS Sierra brings many new exciting things to the table. The first of all is the URL rich previews. So when we follow or receive a link, messages provide a bit of context by way of the title and the image of the page of the link. The second is the tap backs for quick replies, right click on message bubble and choose tap back to send quick and rapid thumbs up or down or ha-ha. Neat, right?

These were some of the best 5 hidden features of macOS Sierra that you should know about. There are a lot of other features that you can easily use on this new version of macOS and we will keep you updated with new tutorials and more related to Sierra.

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