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How to Change your Snapchat Username

Snapchat is the major social handle where most of the teenagers and youth are concentrated in. It’s all about who has a higher score on Snapchat now. We also know that Snapchat has been facing a little downtime for which we are only going to blame Facebook. Facebook is integrating the stories in every of its product. So, now we know why.

Apart from this, Snapchat has its own issues which also includes changing your username. Changing the Username is not impossible but possible in only a way that you are going to lose all your score on Snapchat which is the saddest thing. So, keep noted that if you are going to change your username as guided, you are going to lose all of your score on Snapchat.

Here’s how to change your username

To begin with, launch your Snapchat app on your device in which you have the account you want to change. Now, click on the Snapchat ghost on the top beside the search bar, go into the Settings which is on the top right corner, scroll down to the bottom and Log Out.

After Logging out, click on Sign Up and fill in the information required. While filling out the e-mail, just make sure you use a different e-mail and sign up with the Username you want to. You can change the e-mail later once the process is done.

After Signing up, click on the ghost, then tap on “Add Friends”, then tap on “Add from Contacts”, and then click on “Continue” which appears on the bottom of the screen. Now, tap on “Okay” to allow Snapchat to access your contacts. After that, your contacts who are on Snapchat will appear in the top of the list. You can add whoever you want as in the previous account.

That being done, Log out of that account and log back into your older account of which you like to change your username. Now, click on the Snapchat ghost, tap on “My Friends” and you’ll see your friends list. Now, you need to note their usernames down skipping the ones you have already added to your new account due to their being on your contacts.

After noting down, log back into your new account that you have created with the username you wanted. Now, go to add friends and you’ll have to add them manually by searching their usernames that you have noted.

Once you are done, if you will want to delete your Snapchat account of the username you didn’t want, see here to delete your Snapchat account. Just remember that once deleted as guided, you will lose all your data of that account. Sad thing is that you will lose all your score on Snapchat.

If you think you have missed someone to add back or if you want someone to add, you can put a shout out on your other social handles saying that you are on your new username. There’s no other unique solution unless Snapchat decides to put an option to change the username.

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