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How to solve PUBG Mobile Network Error Login Failed Issue – Quick Fix Steps

The ban imposed on PUBG Mobile India and the questionable return of the Indian version of the game saw users running out of patience, and installing the Korean version of PUBG Mobile. Well, this method was working fine till now but there have been numerous reports of users complaining about not being able to log in and play, with a network error dialogue box. You told us, we heard you, and here are three simple ways of solving login error issues in PUBG Mobile.

Before we start with the cure, here’s a prevention tip. Do NOT log-out of your account if you have already logged in to PUBG Mobile. As of now, only users trying to attempt a fresh login have been facing issues. So if you have already logged in, please DO NOT Logout, else even you may face such issues.

1) Change your device region

Changing the device region of your Android phone can trick your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to unblock certain services that are prohibited. To do this, go to your device settings > additional settings > region, and change the region to something like Indonesia, Nepal, or any place of your choice.

Changing the region may or may not help you, but is surely worth giving a try. We also have tried and tested the methods below to ensure that you can enjoy playing PUBG Mobile in India.

2) Using Cloudflare DNS

When something gets banned or prohibited, it is your ISP which blocks it from their DNS. Now, what is a DNS? A DNS is a service that helps your device communicate with the binary language of the internet. It’s not as simple as what I just said, but that’s not what you are here for.

Step 1: Install the Cloudflare app from the Google Play Store

Step 2: Open it, and enable the toggle. You may receive a VPN warning prompt on your android device, so click allow.

Step 3: That’s it. Make sure you lock this app in your memory so it stays running while you are playing the game.

3) Using Google DNS

Alternately, you can also use Google DNS to tackle this ban. To use Google DNS, you need to open the configuration page of your WiFi router. Try refining your router’s manual, but it’s normally or

Head over to DHCP Settings, and set the DNS to and which are the configurations for Official Google DNS. The UI and settings of your WiFi router can differ by a certain margin, so searching up online on changing DNS settings for your particular router should help you much better. You can also tweet us @ChetanBhawani or @ChinmayDhumal for assistance and we will help you with the process.

4) Changing your network

If you are trying to access the game on your WiFi network, try changing to mobile data once and see if the game works. If you are a mobile data user, try looking for a friend who has a different network provider’s sim and check if that works for you. The login issues are region-specific as of now, and a slight change in your network can make a big difference in your accessibility of the game.

You can also try contacting your local ISP to check and provide for a solution by re-routing your DNS in a way the game remains playable for you.

So these were some measures you can take to enjoy playing PUBG Mobile in India. While we still wait for the official Indian version, PUBG Mobile – INDIA, we will keep you updated with the latest news and updates of the game so stay tuned!

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