The first thing that every Laptop or PC and to that matter even mobile phone users do is to install an Antivirus and if you are someone who has installed a Free Antivirus on your device, it will be one of the two – Avast or AVG. In an offer from Avast to acquire AVG for an all-cash deal which AVG appears to be interested in as well, will see the antivirus products of both companies to be combined.

Apart from the $1.3 billion cash, the deal also gives AVG investors $25 per share which is a premium of over 30 percent on current trading prices. Avast is planning to use the data from AVG to boost its security and privacy products which include the security for Internet-of-things devices which seem to be the new interest.

Avast to buy AVG in $1.3 billion deal

Avast has revealed in a press release that this deal would be giving the antivirus provider a combined network of over 400 million endpoints, 160 million of which are mobile. And as quoted by the Prague, Czech Republic-based company “act as de facto sensors, providing information about malware to help detect and neutralize new threats as soon as they appear”.

CEO of AVG, Gary Kovacs, said “We believe that joining forces with Avast, a private company with significant resources, fully supports our growth objectives and represents the best interests of our stockholders,” he added “Our new scale will allow us to accelerate investments in growing markets and continue to focus on providing comprehensive and simple-to-use solutions for consumers and businesses, alike.”

It appears that there is no major restructure of AVG like migrating the user base etc, is planned initially from the deal but to use the new acquired information, which appears to be a clever move. With the season of takeovers and buying of companies in full swing, this deal is expected to be closed later this year around September 15 to October 15.