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How to Setup and Function Gestural Controls in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced some basic gestural controls in their Windows 8 operating system. Even though these gestural controls were useful, they were to utilized up to their potential. However, in Windows 10, Microsoft has again put in gesture controls, and this time its more useful than what we have seen in Windows 8 operating system.

Before trying to setup gesture controls on your Windows 10 machine, you must know that gesture controls are only supported for devices with touchpads, which means its time for laptop owners to rejoice. However, there is still a catch. Not every touchpads are supported. To make use of gesture controls on your laptop, the touchpad on your laptop should be certified from Microsoft to be a “Precision TouchPad”.

Windows 10

To check whether the touchpad on your laptop is a certified one from Microsoft, head over to the “Settings” menu on your PC, choose “Devices”, and then select “Mouse and TouchPad”. Under the heading titled “TouchPad”, you will be able to verify whether the TouchPad on your laptop is certified from Microsoft as a “Precision TouchPad” or not.

How to Setup and Tweak Gesture Controls in Windows 10:

There is no requirement of setting up Gesture Controls on your Windows 10 laptop, as they are enabled by default. To know more about how gesture control works and different gestural controls supported by Windows 10, head over to Settings>Devices>Mouse and TouchPad. Then scroll down to see the various gestural controls available on Windows 10.

Windows 10 even supports multi finger gestures, and you can also customize the functions performed by these multi finger gestures according to your liking. For example, by performing a three finger tap on the touchpad, you can either bring up the Cortana virtual assistant or the Action center window.

Gesture Control Issues in Windows 10:

Even if the touchpad on your laptop is a Microsoft certified one, at times you may face difficulties in correctly operating the gesture controls. This may mainly occur if you have upgraded from an earlier version of Windows to the latest Windows 10 operating system.

The most common solution for any issues you may be facing regarding the gesture controls on Windows 10 is to make sure that the touchpad drivers of your laptop is updated to the latest version, which supports the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

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