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Moto G6 camera

6 defining features of the Moto G6 that makes it a real deal

Motorola’s smartphones have always been the best when it comes to the overall experience. While there are different series of devices offering specific use-cases, the Moto G series is what one would love to purchase because of the price segment these phones are available in, and the Moto G6, the latest launch from the company is the one to check out now.

The Moto G6 is a major change from the Moto G5 series, and with that, I mean mostly about the design of the phone. With the changes, I would rather not emphasize the other aspects because of the major ones being the same with experience. Let’s talk about how good the Moto G6 is, and what makes it so good. There are six major categories where the phone excels, and here they are.

The gorgeous design

The Moto G6 came in as a refresh to the Moto G5, as the metal gets changed to the glass here. It is a beautiful glossy back that gives the S pattern with the light reflection and that was a part of the Moto X series, which was known for the gracious style. Bringing that to the mid-range category, i.e. the G series is a commendable job done, and in this price, this phone could easily be one of the best-looking devices in the market.

Moto G6 Back

Not just the aesthetics, but also with the functionality, the Moto G6 offers quite a bit of it. The phone has a curved glass back that comes with the Gorilla Glass protection, and that is comfortable and easy to hold and use, with a much better hand feel than the regular flat back devices.

The tall, crisp display

The Moto G6 has a Full HD+ resolution display, the “plus” here is with the extra display making it taller and giving the aspect ratio of 18:9 while not compromising with the sharpness of the display. The resolution is 1080 x 2160 pixels, and that is crisp, also better than some phones that offer an HD+ resolution in this price range. The colors are clearly seen to be great and the display also offers a good viewability in bright conditions.

Moto G6

The experience with Moto App

I’m a fan of the Moto App because while it offers some of the best options to experience and use, it is as easy to understand for a user of any level of expertise. Even for the first-time smartphone users, the Moto App won’t be something that will confuse them.

There is so much one can do with the Moto App, and that begins with the Moto Voice feature. The command you give is taken and responded to, and the mics pick up your voice even in conditions where there is noise in the background. The other useful features under the Moto app experience include Moto Display, Moto Key to access important stuff with your fingerprint, and the Moto Actions that have the One-touch nav to convert your fingerprint scanner into the navigation button, and the couple of other cool features that you would always want to use include “Chop twice for Flashlight” and “Twist for quick capture”.

Moto G6 moto app

Performance, lag-free almost always

The Moto G6 comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 and while some might argue about this being from the 400 series, it doesn’t matter in phones like these because Motorola is known to offer the smoothest of the performance because of the well-optimized stock Android OS and the glitch-free UI that it offers.

While playing games, or while using the device regularly, there was rarely a time when we saw the device to be lagging or showing any problems. That trust of getting a great performance always is there with Moto, and it stays with the Moto G6 as well.

The fast charge, i.e. Turbo Charge

Not only having a good battery, there is a need for the fast charge as well. The Moto G6 comes with the Turbo Charger that has the 15W capacity for the charging and it quickly charges the phone, at least to give you that extra battery percentage when you are to rush out.

Moto Turbo Power charging

While using the phone regularly and charging it with the charger given along, we didn’t really see the phone getting warm or heated much. Also, keep in mind that this is the price segment where most of the brands skip offering fast charging solutions.

The efficient cameras

The phone has a set of cameras that are capable of taking good pictures, both the front and rear ones. On the back of the Moto G6, there is a dual-lens camera combination that can capture the depth and help in portrait photos, but that is not it. The company has ensured that the user can do more with the photo editing app itself.

Moto G6 Camera

For the selfie lovers, there is a LED flash given to support the front camera when the light around is not sufficient enough to brighten your face while taking a selfie.

There’s the overall experience with the phone that makes it such a good deal, but if you wanted the specifics of what Moto has to offer, these were the six defining features.

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  1. Great Moto G6 with Turbo charger and great stock android experience with look nice with great built quality #Honor9NGizmoTimes #GizmoArmy

  2. Great cameras, premium design, water resistant, good display and decently powerful chip inside, only lacks a good price tag but it’s good for what it’s worth!!
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  3. That’s an amazing article . Listing great points. Phone looks stunning and got great features . Strong battery , quick charge support , camera . so many good points. Thanks for sharing #Honor9NGizmoTimes #GizmoArmy

  4. The gorgeous design, the tall & crisp display along with support of Turbo Charge feature is my favourite features of the Moto G6 from above article.

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