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Canon CTE

Experience at the Canon Technical Excellence centre

About a month ago, Canon provided us an opportunity to visit their Canon Technical Excellence centre (CTEC) situated at Sector 63, Noida which is the training and learning center for their Engineers and Channel partners. Their training technique uses electronic, mechanical and software-based activities to simulate a real-world situation. They engage in ongoing learning on a regular basis to stay up-to-date with the latest software developments and technologies.

The Canon Technical Excellence centre (CTEC) spreads across 40,000 sq. ft. area having 5 floors. CTEC follows the Kyosei philosophy that promotes living and working together for the common good. Carved with 5 tools, CTEC focuses on:

  1. Learning – CTEC is the learning hub and used for conducting technical training, demonstrations, product testing, and simulation. Partners, as well as Canon engineers, can enhance their technical skills from very basic to vastly innovative creation. CTEC conducts 5k-6k of man-hours training every year covering more than 1500 engineers nationally. Engineers learn without the rest so that they turn out the best.
  2. Invention – With DreamLabo a viable alternative to silver halide technology, Canon brings in an innovative idea which is not just about color and output but about recreating Memories in a way that they remain alive for a lifetime, The spectacular HD printing can make one bring back and cherish those moments.
  3. Rejuvenation – Refreshing the old leading to regeneration, driven by the philosophy of Kyosei, Canon always endeavor to rejuvenate the environment. At CTEC Canon ensures that all the recyclable items are reused efficiently and non-recyclable items are scrapped in an environment-friendly was, as per statutory requirements.
  4. Expertise – CTEC is a hub for repairs of high-end cameras which demands qualified engineers. This facility in houses one of the best darkrooms in Asia measuring 33m in length and covering an area of 2192 sq feet. Lens adjustment of Up to 800mm along with all the tools as recommended by Canon Ink which results in high precision repairs work. Canon Technical Experience Center compliments the goal of delighting you always with its skill and expertise.
  5. Responsibility – CTEC takes vital steps towards nurturing the environment and immensely supports sustainable development as the rooftop is labeled as Social Responsibility. In order to conserve energy, this floor has a series of solar panels installed. Investment has also been made for RO plants for water purification, thus playing an important part in sustainable development.

Canon CTE office

The basement of the Canon Technical Experience Centre also known as reengineering floor is the place where old, malfunctioning machines from the field are brought back and refurbished. Old machines whose shelf life have been expired are either recycled or scraped as per government norms of safe e-waste disposal.

Canon CTE Product Demonstration

The ground floor demonstrates range of Canon Professional Printing Products. There is an HD Photo Zone that showcases the high-end commercial products of Canon that includes Dream Labo 5000, IPF Pro printer and Oce alongside the other products. The products here are used for both training and demonstration purposes.

There is also a Toner Refilling Plant on the ground floor that makes use of a highly technical compression plant to maintain the quality of air indoors. This is done so as to ensure no foreign particles enter the development area and contaminate the ink. This is extremely important as the toner cartridges are refilled here and any foreign particle can cause depletion in the quality of the end product.

The first floor or the training center of the Canon Technical Experience Centre is dedicated for training new Service Engineers, Indirect and Direct Partner Engineers, and Managers. There is also a Level 3 technical help desk for support which takes care of all technical and software issues.

The second floor of the Canon Technical Experience Centre takes care for defectively printed circuit board recoveries, products under warranty and Dead-on-arrival devices are repaired here. If required, the spare parts from the products are extracted and reused confirming to the norms.

Canon CTE Camera

Moving to the third floor, this is where the Canon camera service repairs and camera training happens. There is a separate Camera repair center that consolidates an entire range of Canon DSLR, Lenses, Projectors and broadcasting cameras of North region are repaired here.

The terrace of Canon Technical Experience Centre also called as Social Responsibility focuses on renewable resources. In order to conserve energy, the floor has a series of solar panels installed on the rooftop. It also has RO plants for water purification and LED lights to save power consumption, thus playing its part for sustainable development.

According to the company, the Canon Technical Experience Centre will keep improving and the investment will be on a recurring basis that would help them expand and add more functionality to the already existing Canon Technical Experience Centre.

Note: This is a brand story.

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