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Honor 10 Rear Camera

Honor 10 AI Mode – Path Breaking technology for better captures

While the other smartphone brands bank on the third party chipset manufacturers and work up their software to make it work with it, Huawei and Honor have been relying majorly on their homegrown chipset and their engineering prowess to deliver the best of the experience, both in terms of the performance as well as with the camera.

That’s exactly the case with even the Honor 10, which comes with the support given by artificial intelligence, not just to give a better user experience but also to enhance how the camera works to bring out photos that would have been possible only by spending time in manually working on them. There is the AI mode in the camera app of the Honor 10, and here, we specifically give a deep-dive into how it helps you capture better photos.

Honor 10 Back

The company calls it the AI Dual cameras, which they also claim to be helping any photographer, from amateur to professionals, to help capture brilliant photos. Before we head to how it works, let’s talk about the optics that are given here.

The dual-lens camera setup on the back includes a 16MP primary camera that has the F/1.8 aperture, and it is the color sensor, while the secondary one is a 24MP camera with the Black and White sensor. On the front, the Honor 10 has a 24MP with the F/2.0 aperture.

Honor 10 With AI Flower

Honor 10 Without AI Flower

The hardware chosen and offered by the company is absolutely good, and it follows how Honor has been positive towards the black and white sensor for capturing more details while using the primary color sensor for the reproduction of the colors. But this time, the AI technology is helping more and this is how it does that.

There is an on-device Machine Learning process that is given by the Hisilicon Kirin 970 processor and a dedicated NPU (neural processing unit) that further helps in the cause. The company claims that about 500 different scenarios can be detected and recognized, and these are spread across 22 categories. While using the camera, you’d easily notice how the camera with the activated AI mode is able to change the colors based on the scene – For example, if you are capturing pictures of the clouds, the app changes the scene to that and the skies are naturally made to look bluer and clouds based on whether it is summer or a forecast. Similarly, try to take a photo of a pet, of any food, of flowers and leaves, and there are hundreds of these scenes recognized by the AI system.

Honor 10 With AI Tree

Honor 10 Without AI Tree

It isn’t only the single object that is recognized but the company claims that there is a multiple object recognition tech that optimizes the colors, contrast, and dynamic range based on everything in the picture so that some parts of the picture doesn’t get overly done with the colors because of a single object recognition.

There’s that direct shortcut in the camera app of the Honor 10 that helps toggle the AI switch on and off. The beauty of the AI mode and that switch is that you either should be reliant on it or just ignore it. There’s nothing hidden here and a simple switch would change the way you look at things behind the camera.

It is all about the perspective of what you are looking at and how you want to capture it, but without you having to fiddle with the manual settings and spending time on the same, the AI mode helps you do that live without you having to spend any time. Some of these photos will make you understand exactly, with the comparisons of pictures taken with the activated AI mode, and without the mode.

Honor 10 without AI green

Honor 10 with AI green

These photos should be enough to tell how the AI mode is better than the regular auto mode. It doesn’t mean you would not get such captures without the Artificial Intelligence mode, but having the ease of using the AI mode and getting things done in a better way is always something one would want to have. The path breaking technology used here by Honor is commendable and something that changes the scenario of photo capturing with smartphones.

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  1. The Camera given on the #Honor10 its so great with the great options as i have seen a video from you #GizmoArmy its a great to take the pics in all lighting conditions with AI capabilities that i loved a lot its a great smartphone specially for Camera…

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