Indeed, being the star of the show, the Vivo V11 Pro was officially launched with the price tag of Rs. 25990. The phone does have an amazing design to begin with, but Vivo doesn’t restrict it to the good looks and has added innovative features in the V11 Pro straight from its high-end phones. The phone has quite a lot to offer, but here we’ll talk about only the specifics of what really makes the mark and what easily make the phone one of the best in this price range.

Vivo V11 Pro Front

Vivo V11 Pro Back

The In-display Fingerprint Scanner

This is a must-have feature in phones, given how it takes away the need for a separate space on the front, and how it works even when the user has moist fingers. While moving the fingerprint sensor into the display, the front of the phone looks even better since it gives users a bigger real-estate for entertainment.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Processor

For a budget flagship, it has a Snapdragon 660 processor which offers excellent performance. The UI offered on the Vivo phone is also optimized for an ultra-smooth performance. So far, the phone has been performing amazingly well and the UI has been very responsive, with the snappiness that you expect from a flagship.

Infrared Face Unlock

Vivo V11 Pro Halo Display

The infrared unlocking option has proven itself to be so good that even in entirely dark conditions, the unlocking feature works! We have tried things on several phones and with this one, it works quite well and while the registration of the face data is quick enough, the unlocking is always the same and most of the time, it works without an issue.

The Halo FullView Display

The notch on the display has been a controversial topic almost always, and the Vivo Nex proved to be too good as it let go of the notch entirely. But, with technology comes the cost as well. To still keep things practical, Vivo has given the notch a new shape, and has called the Halo FullView Display. The tiny notch only houses the camera, and the notch adds to the good looks of the display.

Dual-Pixel tech in dual cameras

Vivo V11 Pro Cameras

The dual-lens camera setup on the back of the Vivo V11 Pro has got an excellent setup of 12 MP + 5 MP cameras and both the shooters here have got the support of the dual-pixel technology which makes clicking pictures in low-light environments, a breeze. If we didn’t mention the use of AI earlier, then we should here, as it is the cameras that will take a lot of advantage from this artificial intelligence.



(This picture above is with the backlight HDR that works well)

Though we are emphasising on the rear cameras of the phone, the selfie camera as well is an excellent one here. There is that 25-megapixel AI selfie camera that helps take excellent selfies.

There are several more flagship-defining features of the Vivo V11 Pro, but these should be something you should know about. According to us, the Vivo V11 Pro stands tall and contends to be the best in the 20-30k price range.


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