A perfect smartphone cannot be affordable. The pricing of few smartphones can be justified but in the end, if a user expects an affordable phone to have everything, is expecting a lot already. Every brand tries to create a balance and offers one special feature in most of the cases, and that phone gets placed in one of the many sub-series that they have. Vivo, for example, has recently taken selfies as the major feature.

The Vivo V5 focuses on selfies. The rear cameras on most of the smartphones are worked on quite well, but several tend to ignore the front camera part, mostly for the reason that people take a selfie with the beauty mode turned on. It looks unnatural, but the users have started using it much more than earlier, and it makes the face plain and clear without any marks or smudges. Some might like it, but many prefer what’s natural and original. Why are we doing it differently with only the front camera?

A selfie captured on a moving boat using the Vivo V5’s front-facing camera.

Vivo isn’t the first brand to take selfies seriously, though. OPPO has had a selfie expert series with the F1 Plus and F1s smartphones, but what Vivo is doing here is, taking things in hand and making them better. I’m sure some might still love the beautification feature, but it does not show the “real” you. There was a time when we turned the phone back and used the rear camera to take our picture, and did we complain about how we looked on that?

A flashlight on the front of the device is a recent addition in some devices, and they are said to be assisting well in conditions where adequate light is not available around you. The Vivo V5 has what they call as a Moonlight selfie. This is a combination of hardware and software optimization that doesn’t just light up the selfies, but also makes it look quite natural in the process.

Let’s talk about the specifics. The Vivo V5 utilizes a 20-megapixel Sony IMX 376 camera sensor with the sensor size of 1/2.78 inch and it has a F/2.0 aperture so as to bring in good light for selfies. But then, you know that there is not much that one can do in a phone slim enough, and bigger sensors are hard to pack in. Thus, Vivo has worked to add a flashlight.

Vivo V5 Front camera specs Vivo V5 Front camera flash specs

Get into the technical details of even the flashlight of the Moonlight flash, you will know that it is made to work with the software of the device to throw some natural light on the subject, rather than having it to brighten the entire frame. To match the latter, people already have the workarounds, including having a torch light or a flash of another phone active beside the camera lens.


When selfies have become so mainstream, one deservingly demands a good selfie shooter to complement it. For the times to come ahead, we are going to see much more advancements, including the dual-lens front-facing camera on the Vivo V5 Plus, but for now, the Vivo V5 is a seriously good option to consider if you are fond of not just selfies but good selfies that speak of your personality, especially when you are not faking any of it.

This was taken at about 5:00 p.m. in Port Blair, where it is as dark as 7:00 p.m. in major Indian cities.

Note: This is a sponsored story, and the author is taken for a trip to test the camera capabilities of the smartphone.


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  • Rohan Tripati, Nov 17, 2016 @ 10:39 am Reply

    I used the phone, and seriously, this phone doesn’t worth the price. Except its front camera you can’t tell me even a single thing that you can brag about!

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