Xiaomi inaugurates its 1000th service center in Hyderabad

    Unlocking a new milestone, Xiaomi India has announced the launch of its 1000th service center in Hyderabad. Xiaomi’s service centers are now spread across more than 600 cities in India. The company has also announced 500 authorized MiTV service centers across India. In June 2017, the company had launched its 500th service center in Bangalore.

    As per the Red Quanta report, Xiaomi has emerged as the industry leader in providing after-sales service, besting out Samsung as well. The company also said it had earned a Customer satisfaction (CSAT) score of 86%, and a turn-around-time (TAT) with 95% cases solved within 4 hours; 86% of which were resolved within 2 hours. The company has also stressed the reliability of their devices with a Field Failure Rate (FFR) less than half of the industry average.

    Upon celebrating the 1000th service center, Manu Jain, Vice President, Xiaomi and Managing Director, Xiaomi India shared that,

    “At Xiaomi, our focus is on making innovation accessible to everyone. We make this happen by delivering best specs with high quality at an honest pricing. Therefore, we extend quality across all our pillars including customer service. As an internet company at heart, we continue to innovate across customer experience by offering efficient after sales solutions that promotes greater convenience and additional joy to our customers.”

    “After sales is one of the most important functions in Xiaomi and it is the second biggest workforce in our India team. With over 6000 workforce contributing to the service network, we are building a strong network of dedicated employees who are focused on providing the best quality to our customers”

    , he added.

    Xiaomi India has introduced multiple initiatives to enhance the after-sales service for Xiaomi by reducing the wait time, TAT and higher CSAT. Few of these initiatives are:

    1. E-token system which offers customers the privilege to save time and pre-book a visit to their nearest service center on or Mi Store app, thereby experiencing a 72% reduction in the customer waiting time at the service centers within a year of its implementation.
    2. Online tracking which is found on wherein customers with an ongoing request are able to track the status of their submitted device.
    3. TV installation e-services which prioritize customer preference by allowing them to pre-book their TV installation timings, instead of the usual practice of relying at a company’s behest.


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    1. That’s the really huge victory from Xiaomi specially hyder people Xiaomi lovers great news to them Great work Xiaomi #GizmoArmy

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