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    Apple has announced Apple Music streaming service at WWDC 2015 event, where it also had announced OS X El Capitan, and iOS 9. Last year, Apple bought the Beats Music company for $3 billion. And from then, we have been quite curious to know what Apple actually was interested to do, with the Beats Music purchase. We were quite sure that Apple was going to soon join in the Music streaming industry with their own offering to offer a tough competition in the existing market. But the only question was, when will Apple launch their Music service.

    Well, the question is no longer valid, as Apple has officially unveiled the Apple Music, which is a music streaming service that is, of course, cross-platform. As the Apple Music is a pretty new service, we are here with a short guide on everything you should know about the Apple Music service, so that you can better decide on whether you should actually subscribe to Apple’s new music streaming service or not.

    Apple Music

    What are the Features of Apple Music?

    Below are details on the features available on the Apple Music service:

    • 24 hours live global radio streaming every day.
    • Integration with your existing iTunes library.
    • Get professional album and playlist recommendations from real music experts.
    • Get updates of the latest music, behind the scene works and in progress works of your favorite artists.
    • Tens of thousands of music videos without any ad placement.
    • Integration with Siri for Smart Search.

    When will Apple Music Service get launched?

    Apple has officially stated that they will launch their Apple Music streaming service on the 30th of June 2015 in just 100 countries. In supported countries, you can start using the Apple Music service, which will be installed on your Apple devices with the iOS 8.4 update, which will be released to every supported Apple devices on June 30th.

    Will Apple Music be available for Android?

    Apple Music is not just limited to the Apple devices, both Android and Windows Phone are also supported by this music streaming service from Apple. Users of Android and Windows Phone will get the Apple Music service on their devices starting this fall.

    Will Indian users get Apple Music?

    Yes, and luckily the Indian users will be one of the first hundred countries to get the Apple Music service, i.e. from 30th of June. If you have an iOS device or Mac, you will be able to see it live from that day.

    What is the Pricing of the Apple Music Service?

    Apple is offering a three month free trial membership for the Apple Music service for new users to check out what the service really is. After on, you will have to pay $9.99 per month to gain an individual membership access to Apple Music. However, if you prefer the Family Plan provided by Apple Music, you will end up paying $14.99 a month and can access all the features of the Apple Music service on up to 6 supported devices.

    If you are not interested in subscribing to the Apple Music service, you can still use the application. However, your access will be limited to just the ad supported Beats 1 live radio streaming and the Connect feed, where you can follow the updates of your favorite music artists.

    Apart from this, the iOS 9 was also announced, and it comes with some good features including Multitasking on iPad.

    Akhil Pulotil is a 21 year old CSE undergrad with immense love for technology. You can follow the latest tech updates shared by him here, and also follow his personal Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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