Apple announced their latest iOS 9 operating systems at the WWDC 2015 event held in Cupertino last day. Along with all the features in the iOS 9 operating system that was announced, there is also a special Split Screen multitasking feature supporting the Apple iPad Air 2 device. We have been always waiting for the Split Screen multitasking feature to come into iOS to make real use of the big screen real estate that we get with the Apple iPad devices. And now, this small move being made by Apple surely gives good hope for this feature to be available for all Apple devices in the near future. [Along with this, Apple Music service was also announced.]

iOS 9 Multitasking

If you are interested to know more about the Multitasking feature announced for the Apple iPad Air 2 in iOS 9 at Apple’s WWDC event last day, then below is what all you need to know about the Multitasking features that will be available on the Apple iPad Air 2 devices running on iOS 9 operating system.

Split View

To enable the Split View feature on your Apple iPad Air 2 running iOS 9, all you have to do is to pull from the top down, which quickly enables the Split View feature on your Apple iPad Air 2. This allows you to multitask two applications simultaneously either in a 50:50 or 70:30 ratio.

Slide Over

Slide Over isĀ one another feature that the iOS 9 supports for the Apple iPad Air 2. Swipe to the left from the right end of the display from your Apple iPad Air 2, to bring a small window of another app over the main app running on your screen without disturbing whatever you are doing with the mainĀ application on your Apple iPad Air 2.

Task Switcher Keyboard Shortcut

On your Apple iPad Air 2 that runs the latest iOS 9 operating system, you can navigate between apps running the background, through a tab interface pretty much like how you would multitask between apps in Mac OS X. However, to make use of this feature you would need a supported hardware keyboard to be connected to your Apple iPad Air 2 via Bluetooth.

Picture on Picture:

This is yet another feature, that is supported by the iOS 9 operating system (check iOS 9 compatibility) on the latest Apple iPad Air 2 device. You can now create a floating window of an application to run on top of another application using the “Picture on Picture” feature available on the iOS 9 operating system. Applications like Apple Facetime and Video Player will be able to make use of this feature.


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