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Realme Buds Air Earbuds

Realme Buds Air Earbuds FAQ, Tips and Tricks, Features

The Realme Buds Air wireless earbuds are now officially launched in India and you might be already wondering whether to purchase them as they are pretty well priced but do they offer enough features for the price. If you are confused about the same, you can head over to our Realme Buds Air review. If you are one of those who already got a pair of these for yourself, continue reading to know what to expect from them and what are the best tips and tricks to get a good experience from this pair of wireless earbuds.

Here are some of the important FAQs and also tips to use the Realme Buds Air.

Do the Realme Buds Air work with even iPhones?

Fortunately, yes, the Buds Air is able to work well with iPhone, i.e. iOS devices and not just Android. Pairing it is a little different from how you do it with an Android phone, but it works well and the voice assistant support works here as well, so you get to activate Siri for the voice commands and assistance if you have paired the Buds Air with an iOS device.

To pair the Realme Buds Air with an iPhone, you will have to activate Bluetooth on your phone, then take both the earbuds out of the case and close to the phone. These would be detected in the list of found devices around as “Realme Buds Air”. Tap on that and the pairing would be done.

How to pair the Buds Air with Android phones?

As mentioned above, the steps to connect the buds with the Android smartphone is a little different, and thus, here’s how to pair them with an Android phone.

Realme Buds Air wireless case

Enable Bluetooth on your Android device, and then press the button on the charging case of the Buds Air. This would enable the pairing and the phone will find the device in the list of active Bluetooth devices that are ready to pair. Tap on the “Realme Buds Air” name and it would pair.

Will I have to always connect the buds with my phone?

No, the good thing about the earbuds is that once they are paired, you won’t have to connect them because whenever you take them off the case, they would automatically connect with the paired phone, given that the phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

Do the Realme Buds Air have active noise cancellation?

No, there is no active noise cancellation on these earbuds. They do have something called Environment Noise Cancellation that also works in a similar way to recognize the words and cancel out everything else, but it still won’t deliver similar results when compared to the likes of Apple Airpods and other high-end options that have the advertised feature.

How does the charging indicator work on the case?

The case has a single LED indicator light that lights up whenever you open the top lid of it, and even when the case is charging itself. Now, the same light shows up different colors based on the battery percentage.

Realme Buds Air Branding

When the battery is over 67%, it would show a green light. If it is between 33 to 66%, the color would be yellow, and anything below 33% would make the indicator red.

How good is the quality of the earbuds and case?

Both are made up of plastic on the exterior, and that’s easily prone to scratches, and we have already noticed a few scratches on the case when having it most of the time in the pocket. You cannot expect better than this for the price, but it still would be hard to keep the case scratch-free.

How to enable gaming mode on the Realme Buds Air?

Gaming mode is one of the unique features of the earbuds, and it is said that the latency is reduced when the gaming mode is turned on. This makes the gaming experience better. Though, for core gamers, wired is still the best option as there is no lag in the audio at all. Still, if you are someone who is interested in using the Gaming mode here and are fine with the wireless audio for gaming, here’s how to activate it.

When the earbuds are connected to the smartphone, you will have to tap and hold on both the earbuds together for three seconds and there will be a tone letting you know about the change in mode, and the gaming mode is enabled.

Can I change the volume of Buds Air from the earbuds itself?

No, you won’t be able to control the volume of the earbuds from those wireless tips and the only way to change the volume is by changing that on the smartphone itself. While you can play or pause the music by double-tapping on one of the earbuds, you cannot change the volume levels.

How do I activate Google Assistant on my Realme earbuds?

One of the other good features of the Realme’s earbuds is that it comes with the Google Assistant support. To activate Google Assistant, you just have to tap and hold on one of the earbuds for two seconds and you will see Google Assistant waiting for your command.

What about the wireless charging? Do the earbuds also support wireless charging?

It is only the external charging case of the Realme Buds Air that supports wireless charging. You won’t be able to charge those earbuds and you have to understand that the wireless charging through the Qi technology needs hardware as well, which won’t be possible on such small earbuds. The case though has the Qi chip for the wireless charging support.

So, these were some very important things to know about the Realme wireless earbuds. If you want to ask anything else about them, let us know in the comments and we would reply back if you need any help in setting them up or to use them for a better experience.

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