Airtel Wi-Fi Calling Features, Compatible Phones, Things to know

    Airtel has started rolling out Wi-Fi calling, which they are calling Airtel Wi-Fi calling. This technology takes advantage of the Wi-Fi network at your home and makes the indoor coverage much better, and also the calls seem to have got clearer with the new Wi-Fi calling feature. Before this, the VoLTE network was similar, with Internet-based calls but now with the Wi-Fi calling, things have got better in several ways.

    At the time of writing this, the Wi-Fi calling feature is available only in Delhi NCR, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai & Kolkata and that too on capable handsets.

    Advantages of Airtel Wi-Fi

    • The Airtel Wi-Fi uses your existing phone number, so it can be enabled on the old number and you don’t need a new connection
    • Wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection, the Wi-Fi calling would work and the calling is faster than the regular calling on the VoLTE network or regular one
    • There are no additional charges included to enable and use the feature
    • There is no need for an extra app to enable or use this

    If you have an eligible device, you will have to enable Wi-Fi calling on it in order to take advantage of it and use the feature without having to pay extra. The only major requirement is that you will need an Airtel Broadband connection, as for now, only that broadband service is supported. To do that, update the software on your smartphone and then enable the VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling switch and then, the new option would show up on your device.

    Airtel Wi-Fi Calling Compatible Phones

    • Apple iPhone XR
    • Apple iPhone 6s
    • Apple iPhone 6s Plus
    • Apple iPhone 7
    • Apple iPhone 7 Plus
    • Apple iPhone SE
    • Apple iPhone 8
    • Apple iPhone 8 Plus
    • Apple iPhone X
    • Apple iPhone Xs
    • Apple iPhone Xs Max
    • Apple iPhone 11
    • Apple iPhone 11 Pro
    • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
    • OnePlus 7
    • OnePlus 7 Pro
    • OnePlus 7T
    • OnePlus 7T Pro
    • Xiaomi POCO F1
    • Xiaomi Redmi K20
    • Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro
    • Samsung J6
    • Samsung On 6
    • Samsung Galaxy M30s
    • Samsung Galaxy A10s
    • Samsung M20
    • Samsung S10e
    • Samsung S10
    • Samsung S10 Plus

    Airtel also mentions that the Wi-Fi calling feature works better with the Airtel Xstream Fiber so if you are considering upgrading, this is not a bad time at all.

    Here are some important things you wanted to know about Wi-Fi Calling on Airtel.

    Does the call on Wi-Fi calling count as a regular call?

    Yes, it would just be like any regular call, only the quality and speed of the call increases but this being a call through Wi-Fi network doesn’t mean it would not be charged for.

    Does the HD calling under VoLTE have the same call quality?

    Yes, the quality is similar to the VoLTE network’s HD calling and it is better than the regular call quality.

    What will happen if there is a power cut and Wi-Fi is disconnected during a call?

    If you are on a call and the Wi-Fi gets disconnected, the call would switch to VoLTE network and continue, and there won’t be an issue. But in case you don’t have the VoLTE enabled in Settings of your phone, that would be a problem and the call will get disconnected. So make sure that the VoLTE switch is always active to have a smooth calling experience.

    Is it necessary to have Wi-Fi calling feature on both the calling devices?

    For you to have a Wi-Fi call, you don’t need to have the same on the other side as the other phone can be on any network.

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