HP has announced a set of wireless earbuds, which is a debut for the company in the TWS audio market. The company introduced its TWS earbuds at CES 2021 which are named Elite Wireless Earbuds. HP is known for making gaming headphones, but the launch of a TWS earbuds model comes as a surprise move for everyone looking at HP. These TWS earbuds come with a charging case and support noise cancellation as well.

HP Elite Wireless Earbuds – Details

The HP Elite Wireless Earbuds feature a TWS design with 9.3mm neodymium drivers in each bud. These earbuds feature an in-ear design and come with user-replaceable ear tips. HP also provides a set of replaceable tips in the package. They feature a plastic unibody design for both the case and the earbuds and HP says that the case will easily fit in your pocket. The case also comes with an LED indicator, about which we are not sure for its functionality.

HP also has an application for these TWS earbuds available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows where the user can run a test by wearing these earbuds to calibrate the sound profiles as per the listener. The app and earbuds use special algorithms to get an idea of the size of your ear canal and adjusts the sound accordingly. The app also allows users to select certain presets like an Equalizer depending on the type of music or activity during which the earbuds will be used.

The company has not claimed any battery life for the earbuds. However, HP said that the charging case can charge these earbuds almost 3 times. The case has a USB Type-C port to source its power. The price and availability of the HP Elite Wireless Earbuds are not yet announced by the company. We will keep you updated with the same so stay tuned.


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