The Lenovo K8 Note surely brings in a lot of expectations especially after that pricing because it just is better in that terms when compared to the company’s Moto division – the Moto G5 Plus. Now, while the expectations are high, the number of questions that people have in their mind is also high. The Lenovo K8 Note is directly a jump from the K6 Note and it offers great specifications.

In this FAQ below, we try to answer every basic thing that you have in mind and that people have been asking on our YouTube video and we couldn’t answer in the hands-on video because not everything can be judged within a day.

What are the dimensions of the Lenovo K8 Note?

The dimensions of the phone are 154.5 x 75.9 x 8.5 mm and the phone weighs 180 grams, which is common for phones with a metal body and that screen size.

Lenovo K8 Note Dual Camera

Why is there no K7 Note? Are we missing something?

The company says that they were in works for the launch of the K7 Note but that phone didn’t seem like good enough to compete against the competition currently so Lenovo planned to straightaway launch the K8 Note with much better specs to take the lead.

Does the Lenovo K8 Note have LED notification light?

Lenovo K8 Note LED light

Yes, there is a LED notification light given on the phone for the notifications and charging status. You can change the settings for that under the display settings.

Is the phone water resistant?

No, it isn’t water resistant and hasn’t got any certification for the same but Lenovo says that the phone is spill proof and you can be well assured of no damage if you carry it when it rains.

What is the screen protection offered on the device?

The Lenovo K8 Note has the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection offered to keep the display scratch-proof and it is also a 2.5D curved glass on the side.

Does the phone have a fingerprint sensor and does it offer any other features than screen unlocking?

Lenovo K8 Note Fingerprint

Yes, there is a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone and it helps in the unlocking of the phone. For the default options, you can only unlock the screen and do nothing else and some of the features like app lock are not available here, though you can try it with one of the third party apps.

What kind of interface does the K8 Note run?

Lenovo has finally got rid of the Vibe Pure UI that it has been using for a long time. This is now a stock Android interface that is simplest and it brings all the standard Android features that usually get hidden when a custom interface is used.

Is there a support for fast charging on Lenovo K8 Note?

Lenovo K8 Note TurboPower

Yes, the K8 Note supports fast charge and that is with the 15W Turbo charger that is provided in the box. In the test that we did, it took about 100-105 minutes for the phone to reach 100% charge from zero. You can check the video that we did to see the actual test.

Does the phone heat up while charging?

It does get warm while the phone is being charged with the Turbo charger provided along, but that is when you are not using the phone. When you are using it and browsing data while it charges, it gets a bit hotter.

Does the Lenovo K8 Note have a 5000 Series or 6000 Series aluminium body?

Although some are claiming this to be the 6000 Series aluminium, Lenovo says that it has used the 5000 Series one because it is less prone to corrosion.

Does it have a dedicated MicroSD card slot?

Lenovo K8 Note Slots

Yes, there is a dedicated MicroSD card slot that is given in a separate slot and not like the one on the recent Motorola phones, but it is a good thing that Lenovo has not given a hybrid SIM slot here.

Are the navigation keys backlit on the Lenovo K8 Note?

No, the navigation keys, i.e. the capacitive keys are not backlit and they are just the standard set present outside the display area.

Does the phone heat up on gaming?

We have done a gaming review and test to check the temperature of the device after playing a few high-end games. It went to a maximum of 39-degree and that is not an alarming temperature for a device.

How is the gaming performance since it is a MediaTek chipset?

The phone has good gaming capabilities with even the graphic loaded games being played quite well without any problem. We played games like Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8, and even Dead Trigger 2, and they all played well without any lags or frame drops. It was swift and even though it is a MediaTek chipset, it is a high-end processor and not one of the budget ones.

Does the Lenovo K8 Note have a MicroSD card slot?

The phone has a dedicated MicroSD card slot for the storage expansion. It is in a separate slot completely that is adjacent to the Dual SIM card slot.

Does the phone have VoLTE support for Jio SIM?

Lenovo K8 Note Jio SIM

Yes, there is a support for VoLTE (voice over LTE) that is needed for the Jio 4G SIM to work well for the HD calling.

Does the phone heat up while using the camera for a long time?

Yes, it does heat up quite a bit. But thankfully even after using the camera for a long time and recording video on it, the app didn’t shut down it did well in handling things and the heating up didn’t hamper with the camera usage.

What is the extra button on the left panel for?

Lenovo K8 Note Music Key

It is the Music key that is not just for music but it is customisable and you can have it for anything you like. For example, if you want, it can be used to turn on flashlight or have it as a shortcut to open any app.

Does the phone capture 4K videos?

Lenovo K8 Note Video

Lenovo K8 Note Camera Modes

Sadly, even though there is a good deca-core chipset in the device, the Lenovo K8 Note cannot capture 4K videos and the best it can do is 1080p video recording at 30 fps.

What is so special about the dual cameras of the Lenovo K8 Note?

Lenovo K8 Note Dual Camera Feature

The dual-lens camera on the K8 Note has a 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel combination where the secondary sensor helps in only depth sensing. So, you can see pictures with the bokeh effect and after the picture is captured, Lenovo is offering some features on the camera app to change the background completely, which was a feature similar to how it was in the Lenovo Vibe S1 that had a dual-lens camera combination on the front.

Camera sensors: 13MP – OV13855 sensor, Secondary: 5MP – S5K5E2 sensor

Is there a USB OTG connectivity offered?

Yes, the K8 Note has USB OTG support and thus, you can transfer the files to an OTG drive with ease.

What are the sensors provided in the K8 Note?

The sensors in the device are Fingerprint, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Proximity, and Ambient light sensor.

What is the SAR rating of the Lenovo K8 Note?

0.660 W/kg @ 1g (head) and 1.157 W/kg @ 1g (body)

How good is the K8 Note when compared to the Redmi Note 4?

Well, when comparing the two major phones in the mid-range pricing, there are certain areas where one device seems better than the other. The camera performance is better on the Lenovo K8 Note, and while the performance it at par on both the phones, the Redmi Note 4 seems to have a little better display quality. In the end taking all the factors into consideration, the Lenovo K8 Note seems like a better option.

I am confused between the Lenovo K8 Note and Honor 6X. Which is a better choice?

This is a rather tougher comparison here because the Honor 6X surely was one of the best mid-range smartphones and now that the Lenovo’s counterpart is here, it will be confusing for people who like to buy a smartphone in that price range. The Honor 6X has a better camera performance and a better display as well, but on the other side, we noticed the Lenovo K8 Note to have a better performance and battery life. Also, the fingerprint sensor is much better on the Honor 6X and in the end, it has to be based on what you like on the phone. Also, it is worth noticing that for those who like to use two SIMs all the time, the Lenovo K8 Note has a dedicated MicroSD card slot for the storage expansion.


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