The entertainment industry had to see a shift in the way content is made, the way content creators are supported, and also the way how they are funded for the certain idea they have for the next content project. Everything that is there right now in the industry is bound by a big number of rules, and while it had to see some big changes, that was to happen only by someone who thinks out of the box and also takes advantage of the technology available.

With Livetree ADEPT, the creative funding and distribution are done by using blockchain technology. With the traditional methods of content creator funding and the reach it gets, usually some of the talented creators are left out and they never see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s where Livetree ADEPT steps in by having the perfect platform for not just the funding, but taking it ahead for the creation of content and distribution of it. Built for the industry, by the industry. This is what defines the ADEPT platform.

To put some numbers out, let’s check what Livetree has already done for the creators. In the last six months, Livetree has been able to crowdfund a total of 120 projects that include films, TV, and other content projects.

The companies that Livetree has worked with is a testimony of the capability of the platform and shows how the transparency and decentralization would help the creators. Here are a few companies Livetree has worked with.

  • British Film Institute Future Film: the UK’s leading film organization, which promotes and
    preserves film-making and television.
  • Screen Arts Institute Incubator: supports, trains and mentors UK film, TV and content-makers.
  • Red Rock Entertainment: Elstree Studios-based executive producers.
  • Bohra Bros (The production house behind ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’)

Livetree has even worked with BFI Future Film and here’s what Noel Goodwin, the director of the company had to say.

“LiveTree… It‘s like networking at a film premiere after-party with a bunch of actors, investors and sales execs”.

It wasn’t only Noel but many such entertainment group heads that heap praises for the platform.

“LiveTree Incubators are the link between the existing entertainment industry and the industry of tomorrow. The Incubators will not only test ADEPT’s smart contracts under market conditions, but the premium content they generate will promote the platform and, as a result, add value to Seed”.

Gary Collins, CEO, Red Rock Entertainment.

The incubators that Gary talks about are partner operated and they are to be based in London, Los Angeles, and New York. The Incubators are designed to advance the careers of both emerging talent and established film-makers. The initial Incubator, to be based in London, has been co-created with BFI Future Film, the Screen Arts Institute, and Red Rock Entertainment.

Apart from these, Livetree has worked with Bohra Bros (The production house behind ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’), and about 20 other independent organizations.

ADEPT comes with its own unique features that are disruptive in the entertainment niche.

  • Rights-exchange provides new crowdfunding methods, where the fans can buy intellectual property ownership, and they can earn a percentage of content distribution through online channels, TV networks, and cinemas.
  • Get paid Seed to share project
  • More efficient & cost-effective funding and distribution

The token sale of the Livetree ADEPT platform ICO is live and you can check out the details to participate on the website. There is no minimum purchase limit and the price of the SEED token is 0.001 ETH. The sale is going to end in about nine days from now, and the project has reached the soft cap already.

Note: This is a sponsored article about Livetree ADEPT and it is published for promotional purposes.



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    Need to read more on block chain

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