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When will we stop the “copycat” namecalling? It’s rebranding, not copying

Yu Televentures, the subsidiary brand of Micromax launched a new phone, and that sparked an outrage, a usual one but that was not happening for the past few months because there were no new devices from the company. The outrage has only one word being primarily used – “Copycat”. Is Micromax really a copycat and does it deserve that?

Let me tell you, this is not a first time that I am defending one brand and this won’t be the last, and I am not even approached by the company to point out what some of the famous YouTubers and bloggers are resorting to, by defaming the brand and gaining views and publicity for themselves. I review phones, and cannot silently watch this happen and thus, this is an answer for the brainwashed people who have been watching and nodding their head in agreement to whatever is pushed at them as content.

What do you look at when you are going to purchase a smartphone? Most of us look at how it performs, how much value it offers for the money you are going to invest for it. But some are still resorting to see what the company’s background is and how it has copied another phone when it isn’t a copy but the same phone, completely the same, rebranded.

This is specifically for our readers who accidentally or by any reason happened to watch the views from those who haven’t even touched the phone but are boldly putting out their thoughts just because it is a brand that they feel deserve the bashing. Just like that. Because these people have the audience who are happily sharing it because they share the same sentiment of not liking the brand.

WIKO Yureka Black

The Yureka Black is not a new phone in the world. It isn’t a unique one. And it doesn’t have to be one. When you did last hear from Micromax that they are into invention or innovation and are designing their own phones? The company did shy away from speaking about the partnerships they have with OEMs but now, they have started mentioning even that.

Let’s be true. Whatever the situation the company is in, it doesn’t change the fact that Micromax doesn’t need to copy anyone. It doesn’t have to because they deal with the companies that makes the phones and change the branding. Simple. Read to know what OEM and ODM are.

OEM is the Original Equipment Manufacturer who makes the phones have their own design and the sheet of specs to be included. In this case, Wiko is the OEM that made the phone Wiko UFeel Prime and Micromax approached the OEM and asked them to supply the exact same phone with the Yu branding. Wiko doesn’t sell phones in India and thus, Micromax brings the same phone to the country. This has been the way for years now, and it is nothing new.

ODM is the Original Design Manufacturer who can have their own specs and design and they contact one of the contracters to manufacture phones for them. Here, Micromax doesn’t do that and even I am not happy with the fact that the company said they have been working on this device for about a year. On the other side, who am I to question their marketing? That’s how they would like to put the word out, I won’t care.

Now, have you got a problem with Micromax not researching and innovating enough? It is a phone priced under Rs. 10000 and be happy that you get another option apart from the so good Xiaomi Redmi 4 (which is the best phone in the budget range for us so far). I wouldn’t have to care what the background of the company is and how much they worked in bringing this phone in the market.

It is totally understandable if you have a problem with the service part of the company, and even understandable if you don’t like the UI offered or any specific feature isn’t as good as expected, but you are technically challenged and brainwashed if you are blindly calling a brand a copycat without knowing how things work.

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  1. Thanks for clearing things out! I hope people won’t bash Micromax blindly after reading this..

  2. Its a copycat phone. They waited for 1 year after they came with a old phone with same hardware . If they want to rebrand a phone then why they had r&d cell. It would hardly take a week to do so . The main thing the specs is outdated . We can’t blame the oem company as they bought the hardware for previous year not for this year .. Micromax could have used their own idea with sd435 or 625 processor phone. It would make india proud. Just see at sachin new Mobile company they had their own design with the hardware but its a bit pricey but the main fact is that everyone will appreciate sachin company and will call Micromax a “copycat”. Fact is fact bro .. you are trying to defend a company which doesn’t deserves it .. sorry to say that.

  3. It means that only SMARTRON is the only company which researches and design phones in india.

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