Virtual Reality is picking up at a great pace, and things aren’t limited to the wide view photos and videos, and you shouldn’t be turning around just to view that video on your VR headset. VR isn’t about all that anymore.

There are some very basic VR headsets available for low two-digit figures to even $1000, but without knowing the potential or the use of them, there is no point in getting one. Read below to find out the best uses of Virtual Reality and its headsets.

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The VR headset can be used to watch movies and videos. Putting them on, all the ambient light and distractions get blocked so that your experience is not ruined. Coming to those kinds of apps, Netflix already has a VR app which is compatible with Samsung Gear VR and can play videos in 720p resolution. There are also some VR apps which can play videos from your library in VR mode. Go check them out Play Store.


Gaming has been evolving in a different in a different all these years and now is the time for the VR gaming. There are so many VR games available in different platforms. You can find VR games in Play store and play them in the home. You will also find them in your nearest gaming arcade zones nowadays.

Virtual Touring

This is the first on the list of the easiest things you can do to enjoy on your VR. Just go and search for 360 videos on YouTube and there will be a lot of them you can enjoy for space, some different places and locations to experience in VR. So, it’s just that simple. You can travel places without leaving your home.

Crime scene reconstructions

Yes, the VR technology is also useful in Crime scenes. We can take the photo graph of the whole place with the special type of cameras such as 360 cameras and later, the investigators will be able to investigate the scene if anything has missed before. You might not be at that place or maybe the scene has been cleaned up already. The VR headset helps out the investigators.

Live Streaming of events

With the growing of VR technology, the camera which can shoot in 360 are becoming very common with many organizations. Nowadays, some events such as launch or any other event are being live streamed in VR mode with which the audience can watch the whole in the event in 360-degree view. For example, the OnePlus 2 was launched in VR mode a few years ago.

Advanced Healthcare

Healthcare is another such thing where VR can be very useful at the time and you know why. One such case is about CT scans. CT scans are usually viewed on flat screens and prints. These scans can be seen in much greater detail and can be manipulated when seen in VR.

Military training

Practice is what makes the soldiers and their capabilities perfect. This practice of theirs includes rigorous training and other activities in which they might get injured. With the VR, the practice can be substituted and be made putting them in a safe zone while simulating all possible situations and encountering enemies. This technology is currently being used by the flight simulation and battlefield simulation.

VR Shopping

At present, most of the shopping from us being done online for fashion and also for groceries. Probably, the next possible step is VR shopping. It has already being tested by some companies where you can walk into a store, select what you want and order. They’ll be delivered right to your door.

VR Car Showrooms

With the name, you could have already known the picture. Yes, there are some companies such asĀ Ford, Volvo and Hyundai use virtual reality in sales as well by having potential customers use a VR headset to test drive vehicles. With apps like Relay Cars, you can sit inside the car and start up the engine and hear what it sounds like.

The uses are not just limited to the above mentioned. But, these are the most common uses of the VR currently. If there are any other methods you use your VR in, let us know by commenting down below.


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