EnFlux smart clothing Full-Body wearable for the fitness enthusiast in you

    With wearable technology advancing especially in the field of Fitness tracking comes a new full-body wearable which will take personal training to who a whole new level. With this full-body wearable, Enflux has made hiring a personal trainer a thing of the past and wearing a personal trainer on your body tracking your every move and posture the future.

    Enflux is a Kickstarter project which is using motion tracking technology in exercise and giving feedback for athletes and fitness enthusiasts by recording 3D movement of your body with the help of 10 tiny embedded motion sensors. The full-body wearable not just tracks and creates a 3D image of you and your movements but analyzes your movements and gives real-time feedback similar to and sometimes better than a coach or trainer.

    Enflux smart clothing

    Enflux clothing can be used pretty easily as well and no complicated gadgetry is required. It is as simple as wearing a shirt and heading out to the gym. You have to wear the Enflux clothing and  start the iPhone and Android mobile app when you want to start recording the movement. The app has Recommended workout, Custom workout, and Freestyle. Under Freestyle, there is no pre-planned routine but you can select exercises as you go. For a more organized workout session you can select the Recommended workout, here you have to tell the app your goals or what you wish to do like strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, physique, and weight loss. You will be getting a personalized program based on that.

    Enflux smart clothing set up

    The third program is called Custom workout which lets you and your trainer preload in a custom workout. As you have synced the clothing with your smartphone, Enflux will keep track of your workout when the phone is in 30 feet of you by recording everything you’re doing. To get real-time audio feedback on your form, progress etc you should wear headphones which help in correcting the form and posture. If you want to correct your posture and look back at how your workout has gone, you get 3D ghost animation which shows your movement and the correct or optimal  movement which is very helpful.

    The Enflux full-body wearable calculates Form efficiency, work capacity, joint angles, joint rotation rates, a range of motion, balance, velocity, eccentric and Concentric time, tempo, heartrate, Oxygen Saturation and Time under tension. This is one of the first wearable to keep track of joint angles and joint rotation which is very important as most joint injuries are caused due to improper postures during regular workout.

    Note: While we talk about these projects from crowdsourcing websites, we cannot guarantee or vouch for their delivery or whether they would be successfully made or not, but they are among the coolest ideas people have got.

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    Varun Pandula
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