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BGMI Update 2.1.0

BGMI 2.1 Update Schedule, Patch Notes and Updates – How to Update on Android

The much-awaited 2.1 update in Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally released and there are a lot of changes in this version, with new modes added, an event for players to enjoy, and some other patch notes included, and the update is being rolled out as we type this news, but it is a phased rollout for Android users.

BGMI 2.1 Update Schedule


We are truly excited to bring the July Update to you!
Here’s the schedule for distribution of the 2.1.0 Update version on July 14th.

[Update Version Distribution]

– iOS (Apple App Store) : July 14th (Thu), 16:00
– AOS (Google PlayStore) : July 14th (Thu), 12:30 ~ 18:30

Now, as the note mentions, it is going to be from 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Indian time for Android users so not everyone would get the update at the same time. If you still want to try and see if you can get the update sooner if you haven’t got it on your Android device already, here’s how you can try to force check for the update.

Update BGMI 2.1 version on Android

  • Go to App settings > Google Play Store
  • In that, you will have the option to Clear Cache and Storage. Do that and then force stop Play Store. Then go to the App list and open the Play Store.

This trick works sometimes for some users to get the update sooner on their device, but might not work for some.

BGMI 2.1 Update Changes

From the Ancient Secret Mode to the new Lynx AMR, we have a major update in July.

  • Theme Mode: Ancient Secret: Arise
  • Ancient Secret: Arise – Scarab and Jackal Ruins
  • Ancient Secret: Arise – Sandstorm City
  • Ancient Secret: Arise – Emperor Temple
  • Classic Update: New Weapon Lynx AMR – Added to supply crate. Lynx AMR is a powerful SR that has faster shooting speed than existing SRs. With its great bullet speed and powerful damage a level 3 helmet can be destroyed at a single shot. However, you need to be mindful of the ammo, since Lynx AMR uses exclusive ammo just like AWM. Run for the supply crate and get the new Lynx AMR!
  • Don’t we all have that experience of immediate death from car explosion while playing the classic map? Now, you will be knocked out but not dead even if the car explodes while you are in it. What a relief!
  • The diminishing speed of the damage is reduced for UZI and Vector. You can now deal greater damages to enemies in long-distance. For UMP45, the burst area is reduced while ADSing and the laser sight effect is slightly reduced. The basic damage dealt by Tommy Gun and its bullet speed will be slightly increased. Finally, PP-19 Bizon’s shooting speed is slight increased.
  • Next is AR balance adjustment. For AKM, stronger assisted aim effect is applied, making it easier to hit the target in short-distance. For SCAR-L, the gun recoil is reduced in burst mode, and bullet speed and long-distance damage are increased.

There are many more changes, which can be checked on the official BGMI website.

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