Though the Google’s Android One projected created a buzz in the Indian market, it was overshadowed by some Chinese brands that resulted in the terrible failure of the project in India. The company hasn’t limited Android One to just India, but it was spread across various countries including the UK, and it looks like Google is all set to launch it in the USA in the coming days. Latest reports suggest that Android One project in India will support project Fi. Which not just promotes the Android One, but also take project Fi among users apart from Nexus and Pixel buyers.

The concept behind Android One is to offer an excellent quality Android smartphone with the pure Android experience at low-cost, though we are on board with the concept, it looks Google has given up the project as there seems to be no upgrade in India at least. Now, Google is trying its luck in a huge market like the USA with project Fi support.

Currently, two strong contenders are running for Android One; the Moto X (2017) and HTC E37. While we are aware of Moto X (2017), the HTC will be a surprise, so either one among the both or both might release as Google’s low-cost Android One smartphones.

Going by the rumors, the Moto X (2017) and HTC E37 will be priced at $399 and $349; it’s a safe bet to take all the information with a pinch of salt until something goes official. Stay tuned for more details about their launch and pricing, even the details about them being included in the Android One project.


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