Samsung and Amazon have teamed up and are all set to introduce a new open standard for high dynamic range video called HDR10+. The new partnership will let Amazon provide HDR 10+ content for Samsung Electronics premium TV. HDR 10+ comes with Dynamic Tone Mapping as a new addition and improvement over HDR 10.

The Dynamic Tone Mapping means that metadata attached to a video is dynamic based on individual scenes, which means that the brightness levels shift from scene to scene depending on bright the scene is. This is the biggest improvement over HDR 10 which wouldn’t change the brightness and saturation levels during playback even though that particular scene needs one. Suppose, a movie’s overall color scheme is bright, but few scenes filmed are slightly dim, but with HDR 10 those scenes appear significantly darker than what they are supposed to be.

HDR 10+

The current Samsung’s 2017 UHD sets are capable of taking advantage of HDR 10+, and an OTA firmware update will be rolled out to company’s 2016 line. So you probably won’t have to buy a new TV for HDR 10+ to work. Moving to content, Amazon Video will support HDR 10+ and is the only one at the moment who has signed on so far. HDR 10+ is yet another best example like Dolby Vision which sure is working on improving the Quality, rather than Blu-ray and HD-DVD or VHS and Betamax like head-on formats.


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