What is Dolby Vision in LG G6 and how does it help?

    Dolby is famous for their Audio technology, but Dolby Vision is something that you might have never heard of. Launched in spring of 2015 with some titles is what that is often referred to as HDR video. With the current video recording trend, there is often less color and brightness, thus limiting the quality of the experience. The current video recordings show about just 50% of the real colors and are also limited to around 100 NITS of brightness.

    With Dolby, the screen brightness can go up to 4,000 NITS, and Dolby claims that Dolby Vision can display up to 21 stops of dynamic range with a contrast ratio of 2 million:1. Once the image gets recorded, Dolby Vision gives full control over brightness, highlights, and contrast, thus enabling the intended image to replicate on-screen. But, Dolby Vision is only available with only few TV’s and other devices as it requires a specialized hardware for the vision to be enabled.

    In the recent developments, Dolby as mentioned Forbes that Vision will be made available are the purest form of software for any reasonably capable device. Dolby further says that there won’t be performance change also you won’t be needing a newer HDMI 2.0a connector for HDR. Dolby hasn’t shared a specific list of devices that will get the Vision software update, but the Sony’s Z-series TVs and OPPO’s Ultra HD Blu-ray player are in-line. We shall update the list, once we Dolby releases it.

    For the smartphones, it is the LG G6 that will be the first one to have Dolby Vision technology. According to LG and Dolby, the phone will have HDR-grade video content from Netflix and Amazon Video and that will save on battery life and data consumption. How is the battery saved? Thanks to this technology, the display and LCD panel on the smartphone doesn’t have to light up more in order to show the HDR content and Dolby Vision will take care of it without using the hardware.


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