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Motorola Lenovo

Motorola to design, manufacture smartphones for Lenovo

Motorola has been on a crazy ride in the few recent years. First, it got acquired by Google for a few reasons, and once Google’s needs were fulfilled, the company was put for sale and it was the Chinese electronics giant Lenovo taking over Motorola.

Now, the recent statement from Lenovo says that Motorola will be responsible for designing, developing and manufacturing smartphone products for the parent company, though there is nothing that tells whether these two will be merged into one in the near future. For now, Motorola will be just manufacturing devices, and both the brands will remain separate.

Motorola Lenovo

The statement from Lenovo reads,

As communicated in our recent Q1 FY1516 earnings, to create a faster, leaner business model, we will align our smartphone development, production and manufacturing and better leverage the complementary strengths of Lenovo and Motorola to quickly drive growth. Lenovo’s Mobile Business Group (MBG) will continue to drive the overall mobile business, but will now rely on Motorola to design, develop and manufacture smartphone products.Both Motorola and Lenovo brands will remain in the market currently, and we are excited about our latest product announcements such as the Lenovo VIBE Shot which we are currently launching.

We did ask Lenovo a few questions, and could get an answer for one.

Q: Will Lenovo be merging your smartphones into a single brand under Motorola at any point?
A: Both Motorola and Lenovo brands will remain in the market currently . Long term branding decisions are still in discussion.

There is no clarity yet on Zuk, the Lenovo-backed brand. When it is about products, we expect to see even Lenovo tablet devices to be made by Motorola, and this should be a good move, considering how well Motorola does with the designs of its smartphones, though nothing to be taken away from Lenovo as the smartphones from the parent company too aren’t poor at design value. Take Lenovo Vibe Shot for example – it is quite well designed, and not made by Motorola.

One thing’s clear that Motorola’s path is clear and there won’t be anything bad in the company’s fate in the future. We’ll await for the other answers from the company, to see how things change in the coming months.

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