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Nokia smartphone

Nokia to get back to smartphone business with Brand licensing, from Q4 2016

For many people, including us, “Nokia” as a brand is something close to our hearts. Many of our’s first mobile phones were manufactured by Nokia, and we always trusted in Nokia and their phones. Well, until Android and iOS stole the show and many other brands, whom were not-so-popular back in the day, brought in some cool Smartphones. And yet, many people still preferred Nokia, as an attachment to the brand, even though lately it came with the Windows Phone operating system, which is not the best out there.

And even after Nokia was shut down after being sold to Microsoft and their mobile divisions renamed as Microsoft Mobile, many of us still had hopes that Nokia would return to the glory it had, as a Phoenix bird.

Nokia smartphone

And finally, after many rumors and speculations that Nokia will return to the phone business soon, yesterday Nokia themselves announced that they will return to the Smartphones industry from the Q4 of 2016, as soon as their agreement period with Microsoft ends.

Even though the company doesn’t assures that they will be making their phones like yesteryear, they sure do tell us that they will get back in business via a brand-licensing model, where they would license the Nokia brand, and the devices would be actually made by the companies whom acquired the license.

Following a similar pattern, we saw the Nokia N1 Tablet, which was manufactured and sold by Foxconn after licensing Nokia’s brand name. Therefore, we could see such partnerships by Q4 of 2016, and also Nokia’s return to the phone industry.

Well, the question is, will Nokia be picking Windows Phone or Android this time? What are your opinions about it? Do share them as comments below.

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