Qualcomm; a company that provides chipsets that will power smartphones has officially announced that it’s refining by renaming its Snapdragon processor terminology as a “platform.” Over the years, Qualcomm has termed their Snapdragon chipsets as processors that would power most of the advanced devices. But, Qualcomm has felt that the term processor is an inadequate representation of what the technology is and what it does.

Snapdragon is more than just a piece of silicon, or CPU that most of us term, it is more than a technology that is a combination of software and hardware elements which the Word Processor is not justifying said Qualcomm. Now with the Snapdragon mobile platform, Qualcomm aims to articulate the actual value of the chipset right from developing the algorithms for taking great pictures and videos, long lasting battery, user experience. The word “platform” will be termed as an explanation that combines key user experiences including great camera, connectivity, battery life, security, immersion.

And these experiences are not just limited to smartphones anymore but are applicable across verticals such as automotive, IoT, and mobile PCs. Moving forward, the Qualcomm 200 series will have the new platform branding, while the high-end premium mobile platforms will retain the Snapdragon brand. This will help differentiate the difference between entry-level and high-volume solutions from flagship and high-end Snapdragon premium mobile experience platforms.

Qualcomm About the new change:

The shift isn’t seismic, but we believe it is a step in the right direction and that it will help us better demonstrate the overall value of a chip, beyond “speeds and feeds.” It better acknowledges those who have done extensive work on the entire platform, and key acquisitions that Qualcomm Technologies has made to bolster its position in the semiconductor industry. We believe it will also help our customers better demonstrate the overall value that Qualcomm Mobile and Qualcomm Snapdragon technologies bring to their products. As we expand our presence outside of mobile, we want our nomenclature to reflect all the places we’re making a difference, from mobile PCs and servers, to automotive, IP cameras, drones, VR/AR headsets, and beyond.


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