Reliance had introduced the Jio 4G services with some attractive announcements including the free voice calls for life, and some attractive data plans. But not really everything is attractive, when you take a look at the plans and tariffs for the same.

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We have done a complete FAQ section for you to understand what to expect as a potential postpaid user of Jio services in the coming days. You should be a bit disappointed to learn that data usage is not as easy as it was advertised, but should be okay if you are looking at the overall package.

Jio Postpaid Plans and Tariffs

Plans and Tariffs of Jio 4G Postpaid

4G Data0.3 GB4 GB + Night Unlimited10 GB + Night Unlimited20 GB + Night Unlimited35 GB + Night Unlimited60 GB + Night Unlimited75 GB + Night Unlimited
Wi-Fi Data on JioNet Hotspot-8 GB20 GB40 GB70 GB120 GB150 GB
Unlimited SMSNo, 100 SMSYesYesYesYesYesYes
Validity (Days)Billing CycleBilling CycleBilling CycleBilling CycleBilling CycleBilling CycleBilling Cycle

FAQ about the Jio Postpaid tariff plans

Are these the full and final charges for postpaid customers?

No, on Postpaid tariffs applicable taxes will be charged. The Postpaid subscribers opting for the Auto-debit option using credit/debit cards/online transfer to pay their monthly mobile phone bill and opting for e-bill will be accorded an additional 15% discount on the bill value.

Will making voice calls use my data?

No, according to the Jio website, you are not going to be charged to use the data while making voice calls. It will be a call on data but the data costs won’t apply on the calls, thus they will be free. Video calls are a different scenario where you will see the data costs being applied.

What’s the timing for Night Unlimited offer that is bundled on most of the packs?

The unlimited data at night will be timed from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. Yep, quite an odd timing but that is what Reliance is offering as the Night unlimited plan.

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What is JioNet hotspot and how can I use that?

JioNet refers to the Public Wi-Fi hotspots that Reliance is planning to place and have targeted to place about a million hotspots at all prime locations. You’ll have to connect to the hotspot through Wi-Fi and login to use the data.

I got some unused data balance by the end of the month. Will that be carried over to the next month cycle?

No, it is unlike the other operators, Airtel that we know of. With the Jio plans, you won’t be able to carry over the left over 4G data when the monthly cycle gets finished. The next month, a new cycle will begin.

What are the apps that are available as a part of this subscription offer?

JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic, JioMags, JioNewspaper, JioCloud (5GB), and JioSecurity are the apps that come as a part of the offer.

Are there any add-on data packs available for postpaid users?

  • Rs. 151: 1 GB – 4G LTE Data & 1 GB – WiFi Data
  • Rs. 251: 2 GB – 4G LTE Data & 2 GB – WiFi Data
  • Rs. 451: 4 GB – 4G LTE Data & 4 GB – WiFi Data
  • Rs. 1001: 10 GB – 4G LTE Data & 10 GB – WiFi Data
  • Rs. 1501: 20 GB – 4G LTE Data & 20 GB – WiFi Data
  • Rs. 2501: 35 GB – 4G LTE Data & 35 GB – WiFi Data
  • Rs. 4001: 60 GB – 4G LTE Data & 60 GB – WiFi Data
  • Rs. 5001: 75 GB – 4G LTE Data & 75 GB – WiFi Data

Some of the questions are the same as they are on the Prepaid plans FAQ, so you could check that to clear your doubts. We would be happy to help and let you know of anything else if you wanted to ask. Until 31st December, you can get everything for free and this comes under the Jio Welcome Offer.


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