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Samsung Plant on fire

Samsung battery factory in China bursts into flames

The factory that takes care of producing and later recycling the batteries of Samsung smartphones has apparently caught on fire in Wuqing, Tianjin, in China. The self detonating batteries and other faulty parts of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 were stored in a recycling centre that went up in smoke at the Samsung SDI facility in China.

Though no injuries or any human loss is reported, it took 19 fire engines and more than 110 firefighters to bring down the flames as the plant is situated in a suburban area. Rest of the factory that includes production lines and other units were not damaged and the regular operations will resume as usual. The Samsung’s SDI plant is dedicated to battery product and energy resources, where the company produces batteries for its own smartphones and battery packs for electric vehicles and power storage products for industrial use.

The Tianjin factory is one of the two plants responsible for manufacturing the ill-fated battery pack for the Note 7 phablet. To remind you, Samsung Note7 was re-called globally after it started catching on fire, latter the company was compelled to brick the units that weren’t returned back to Samsung.

This whole fiasco costed Samsung billions of dollars. The reason for this was pinned down to the ill placement of battery and the vent that covers the battery unit which made the battery hot and catch fire. Samsung is gearing up to launch the Galaxy S8 smartphone very soon and the company is in desperate need of a strong comeback. Let’s hope Samsung hits back.faulty parts of the Samsung Galaxy Note7

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