Twitter has announced that now the tweets that always have a 140-character limit, will not have a link for the media that you upload, or for a poll that you conduct on its platform. Before this, any picture that you add had a link in the Tweet text and that counted towards the character limit, reducing the space available for the users to express their thoughts.

While some users wanted Twitter to remove the 140-character limit completely or have a higher limit, Twitter has that limit as one of the USPs. But having a media file or a poll conducted there would count as a link is added for attaching it.

140-character limit has always been there on Twitter and that still has a few drawbacks when it comes to counting, because some inclusions take away a few characters. The GIF shared by Twitter also shows that the microblogging network is testing removal of username of people a user is replying to, so those characters too would be available to write more.

When replying to multiple usernames in a single tweet, none of them are now counting towards the 140-character limit. While the update is surely a welcome move, Twitter had decided to come up with this only after the plan for allowing up to 10000 characters didn’t go well.

If at all Twitter allowed that number of characters, it would make it no different from Facebook but with a different algorithm of showing updates to users, and not many would have liked it.


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