Xiaomi India is set to announce new Smart products in India. The company has released a teaser on twitter which has a gif highlighting symbols which represent their respective five smart products. These five symbols are a heartbeat, popcorn, an eye, a location tag, and breeze/air.

The heartbeat represents the Mi Band 3, which is supposed to launch soon, the popcorn could be a Mi TV, supposedly the Mi TV 4 75-inch variant, the eye would be an IP surveillance camera, the location tag could be a GPS tracker, while the breeze should be a Mi Purifier.

Xiaomi is also running a contest, in which 10 lucky winners can win F-codes of the upcoming devices, while one lucky winner will get a surprise gift for correctly guessing the 5 products. The products will be launching on September 27, 2018.

While we have our own guesses, we would like to hear from you as well. What are those five smart products that Xiaomi is planning to launch in India? Drop your guesses down below.