The smartphone market is pretty much biased these days, companies like Xiaomi focus mainly on the performance based specifications of their phones and try to get the best of their device while brands like Oppo and Vivo have entertainment as their priority. Vivo has always focused on their front facing cameras and that is their standalone differentiating feature that sets it apart from the rest of their devices.

Their latest entry in the market has a lot to offer for mobile entertainment and photography enthusiasts. The Vivo V7 Plus is the first device from the company to offer a wider 18:9 aspect ratio display. This device comes with some unique features, here is a list of some of the best features on the device.

Front Camera for Selfies

Needless to say, Vivo has been working a lot on their moonlight front camera technology and it keeps getting better with each iteration. The front camera on this device is capable of taking 24MP photos with a moonlight flash that provides a subtle glow while taking selfies in low light conditions. This boasts a very high number of pixels to offer a sharper a distinctive selfie. The front moonlight glow on this device offers the perfect light while retaining the natural tone and not overexposing the selfies which are common in most other front flash cameras.

Full View Display

Vivo V7+

The Vivo V7+ comes with a 5.99-inch Full View Display that offers an extremely high 84.4% body to screen ration that is rare in most of the devices. The bezels on this device are only 2.15mm and that makes the device stand out from rest of its competitors. This beautiful Full View Display is protected using Corning Gorilla Glass. The device offers an aspect ratio of 18:9 which results in an ultra-wide screen resulting in an amazing and immersive visual experience.

Design – Bold and Trendy

The Vivo V7 + comes with a trendy U type lining on the black which makes the device stand out from the rest of the device for this beautiful looks. The seamless connectivity of the back and front panels makes the device appearance uniquely staggering, this was possible due to the premium curved unibody design that the company chose to implement on their device. This device looks great and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The finger print sensor on this device has been conveniently placed on the back in a way that the hand naturally reaches out to the right position every time you need to unlock your device.

Rear Camera

Vivo V7+ Rear Camera

The front camera is not the only camera that is praise worthy on this device, the rear camera is a high-quality 16MP shooter with support for PDAF technology. The sensor hardware and software has been optimised using their proprietary algorithms for a clearer and brighter photo. The camera also has the ability to combine four frames into one and result in a 64MP ultra high-resolution image with astonishingly high details. The live photo on this device is similar to the iPhone that can bring your photos to life by creating moving images.

Face Beauty

Vivo V7 Plus Face Beauty Features

This is an updated version of the already existing Face Beauty feature that was found in the previous devices of Vivo. The Face Beauty 7.0 makes you look more natural and beautiful in your images even in dimly lit environments. This feature optimizes facial beauty in darker environments with selfie moonlight to offer flattering illumination even while using video chatting apps.

Portrait Mode

The Vivo V7 Plus offers an option for portrait mode in their camera, this helps you capture crystal clear selfies that focus more on the face while also blurring out the background for a sharper contrast and a better visual appeal. This creates a bokeh effect using a large aperture focus similar to the DSLR camera. The results are really impressive on using the portrait mode and the blurring is not abrupt but it smoothens out in a very natural way.

HiFi Music

This device even has music and entertainment enthusiasts covered. The device comes with an AK4376A HiFi Audio chip that takes mobile audio to another level. This chip lets you enjoy rich and complex rhythms without missing even a single beat at the highest quality possible. The chip offers a high-quality DAC and Amplifier to boost up the audio levels and improve the listening experience.

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