If you followed the news of the OnePlus 5 lately, you must have already known that OnePlus ditched the OnePlus 4 because the number four resembles the word death on Chinese. Now, as you know the reason, there are a few leaks that show some specifications of the OnePlus 5. From the previous leaks, the device is reported to have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 on board. And along with that, OnePlus reportedly increased the RAM to 8GB, two gigs more than their last flagship, the OnePlus 3T. Finally, it is also said that they are coming up with a QHD display on this one.

Coming to the latest leaks, there’s an image circulating on the internet and is tipped to be the OnePlus 5. However, the image only shows the back of the phone and it shows that the phone has a dual-lens rear camera with LED flash and the OnePlus logo just below it. It seems that OnePlus has yet again ditched the idea of mounting the fingerprint sensor on the rear because the image does not show any fingerprint sensor on the rear. So, the fingerprint sensor must be in the same position as in their previous phones, mounted in the front and integrated into the home button itself.

Taking on the design from what we see in the image, it has the similar build as the OnePlus 3 or 3T. Missing are the antenna lines which we see on the OnePlus 3, sources say that the image might not be the final design, and the final outcome of the OnePlus 5 would look different.

Source: India Today


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