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Honor 6X Dual camera

The Honored Honor 6X – Killer features that define the phone

Which is the perfect phone that is available right now and does not ask us to empty the pocket? Some might say that paying a good sum at once ensures that they don’t have to worry about spending on a smartphone again for the coming couple of years, while others go against that for the fact that the trend in smartphones changes at a quick pace and you might have to get a new smartphone to get a glimpse of the latest technology.

For a regular smartphone user, specifications don’t really matter. Having a 4000 mAh, 5000 mAh battery or even having a 20-megapixel camera doesn’t matter in the end if they are not able to see the phone take it through the day or take good pictures. For them, it is the experience that matters, and even though specifications play a part in offering that, they aren’t the only role-playing factor here. Let’s take an example here, as given above for the camera. Megapixel count isn’t going to decide the quality of the picture taken. Aperture size, the sensor size, and the color reproduction are all a part of what decides how well a picture is taken.

Honor 6X

There are several brands in the market that offer smartphones with a certain killer feature that gives it the recognition. A heavy battery-powered phone, a cameraphone, a lovely looking one, or something similar. The Honor 6X that we are talking about is a mix of all of these, bringing several good features in a single package. Here’s why we feel that.

The camera quality

It wouldn’t do justice if we don’t talk about the amazing camera ahead of others. A dual lens camera on the Honor 6X is amazingly accurate with the captures and the purpose of using two lenses does not end there, as there are great bokeh effects created with the help of two cameras.

Multi-functional fingerprint scanner

Honor 6X Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint scanners have always been known to offer the basic feature of helping in security and allowing only the users with registered fingerprints to access the phone. Why should that be limited? Honor has implemented some excellent functions such as notification panel drag and picture viewing, which take advantage of your swiping on the fingerprint sensor area. These are gestures that you would not see on most of the other smartphones.

Seamless multitasking and performance

Honor 6X RAM

There’s no rulebook that says a phone has to have powerful internals to get a good performance. It is the optimization of the UI that matters more than what is packed in. But here, Honor has done a mix of both, by giving a well-optimized UI and a good RAM capacity to keep things smooth even when multiple apps are using the resources in the background. 4GB of RAM has over 2.5GB available for you to have even games in the background so that you resume playing it without having to start over.

Smart assistance with gestures

Honor 6X Smart Assistance

Gesture controls and smart features are what give the phone its “smart” tag, and an edge over the others in giving an ease to the users for certain functions that would have taken some effort and time usually. The Honor 6X is filled with a bundle of smart features. Motion Control, Voice Control, and the one-handed user interface are only a few, to begin with, and going deep; there are much more in each of them.

Built-in phone management

Honor 6X Phone Manager

When we talk about Android as an OS, there is a huge scope of user experience enhancement with the usage of apps, but sometimes, external apps put up an unnecessary load on the device. We’re talking about apps that keep the phone secure, clean, and optimized. The Honor 6X has a proper phone management tool built-in so that you don’t have to use multiple third-party apps and knowing the UI and its resource usage, the app does so well in maintaining the performance and keep it safe and secure.

That killer battery life

The numbers might not seem impressive but that’s what we are talking about. The numbers don’t need to be impressive when the given power is enough to dethrone the others in its category with a stunning performance. The 3340 mAh battery on the Honor 6X is able to, very easily, take your through a day’s usage while you enjoy browsing the web and use apps for hours.

Wi-Fi Bridge Feature

Certain locations offer you free Wi-Fi, and the best example is the hotels where you might need the Wi-Fi for multiple devices but is allowed to connect only one. The Honor 6X, fortunately, offers a feature where you don’t have to allow your data network connectivity to be shared but the Wi-Fi connectivity can be shared.

These are the killer ones, while there are many other features that are enough to give the Honor 6X more power to flaunt and call itself the perfect phone for the price.

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