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LG G8x

The LG G8x showcases LG’s innovation and the future of smartphones – Here’s why

LG has been known to innovate across several segments, and one who has been a technology fan and knows the brand’s innovations can vouch for the capabilities of the brand, which is clearly evident from the current portfolio of products that are available in the market, and what is ahead for them in the near future. The LG G8x is the perfect example of what the brand can offer in terms of technological innovations. The smartphone with the dual-screen technology is the one for multitaskers and it paves a way ahead for the upcoming tech innovations from LG.

The LG G8x was an instant hit at the Flipkart Big Billion Day sales and the numbers said that the total sales of the phone had crossed the estimated figure of over Rs. 350 crores. The smartphone with its unique dual-screen technology is something very uncommon in the market and getting it at this price was the best part of the deal. For the lucky buyers who were able to grab that amazing deal and for those who are still looking to buy this multitasking device, here’s what the LG G8x can do with its dual-screen setup.

Important info on the outside

LG G8x outer screen

Even when you don’t have the phone unfolded, there is some important information shown on the outer side of the case, on a small display area that shows the time and date information, along with the battery percentage and icons of the apps whose notifications are unread. This makes it easy for people to check the important stuff without having to always open the case and check the same on that beautiful OLED display.

Write down notes while watching a video

LG G8x recipe

A perfect example of the same would be someone wanting to write down a recipe while watching their favorite video, and this would have rather been hard to share in your family WhatsApp group when you usually write down notes on a piece of paper. The advantage of multitasking is in several ways but this is one of the common uses of dual-screen setups on a smartphone.

Your extended camera and preview screen

The advantage of the technology of dual-screen extends to help the photographers as well. The LG G8x has a good set of dual cameras and the camera app does offer a lot of modes to take advantage of if you are a photography enthusiast, but the real advantage of the secondary screen here on the G8x is with the angles that you can create and reach when trying to capture a picture.

LG G8x camera preview

With a single screen, the viewing is pretty limited when you are trying to reach some corners to catch a glimpse and capture something like a ray of sunlight through a peephole, and that can be done in a better way when you have the view of the same on the secondary screen. The camera app directly gives you the option to activate the preview on the second screen.

Browsing the web, reading on two screens

For someone taking notes, reading journals and news from multiple sources would find the best need for the secondary display. The Whale browser pre-installed in the LG G8x phone has a very easy way of taking advantage of the dual-screen. When you are searching for something and find the right result in Google, quickly double-tapping on that link opens up the page on the secondary screen. You can keep looking for more results and open them the same way if you find more informative stuff worth reading.

Best typing experience with a full-screen keyboard

LG G8x full screen keyboard

While we have always seen half of the screen occupied on regular smartphones when you try to type anything, the advantage of having an extra screen is that you get to have an entire screen dedicated to only the keyboard. Again, this is possible in most of the apps where you want to type anything, and it is extra useful when you are writing down some notes, and a single button press pushes the content to the second screen and one screen is filled with the active keyboard itself, making your typing experience different and better.

Gaming with the customized Game Pad

This is probably one of the best reasons why LG has been lauded as an innovator here. The Game Pad is an excellent addition to the gaming experience, and for some games that are compatible with it, you can actually change the way the gamepad looks like, the joystick placement, and the options that you find there include Haptic Feedback, Swap Screens, and the Console Style.

LG G8x game pad

While these are just the major things that can be done on the dual-screen setup of the LG G8x, there is much more to it and it gives an indication of how LG has innovated in offering solutions in a time when almost the entire world is working from their homes and are looking at devices that can help multitask.

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