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Xiaomi Mi 5 Navigation Button Trigger Functions

How to Change Navigation Button Function in Xiaomi Mi 5

Even though the Xiaomi Mi 5 comes with touch sensitive navigation buttons in the bottom that are not a part of the screen, the functions and positions of them can be changed very well. While doing that, you can also choose to change the functions of these buttons when long pressing them.

Here’s how you have to change the position and function of navigation buttons of Xiaomi Mi 5.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Navigation Buttons Settings

Go to Settings > Additional settings > Buttons, and here, you can choose which button should be on the left and right of the home button. The function of the centre home button cannot be changed, as it would have just the same function and also holds the fingerprint sensor.

  • Overview button on the left, Back button on the right
  • Back button on the left, Overview button on the right

Xiaomi Mi 5 Navigation Button Positions

Functions of Navigation buttons

On short pressing the Recents key, you can choose to have between showing the recent apps tray, or show menu in the app you are pressing it on.

On long pressing the Navigation buttons

  • Recents key – None, Show recent apps tray, Launch Google Now, Close Current app, or Show Menu.
  • Home key – None, Show recent apps tray, Launch Google Now, Close Current app.
  • Back key – None, Show recent apps tray, Launch Google Now, Close Current app.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Navigation Button Trigger Functions

Though you can have three functions for three buttons long pressing, the problem is with the confusion they create because you need to remember what you are pressing it for. So, there is an option “None” if you wanted to keep things simple and didn’t want the buttons like Home button or Back to do anything when long pressed.

Though, if you choose to have these button functions working, you can define the long press time, between 0.5 seconds, 1 second, 1.5 seconds, and 2 seconds.

Choose to tap Home button to reach Home screen

The home button on Xiaomi Mi 5 is not only a touch-based one but you can press it to reach the home screen. But at the same time, someone who has used any other Xiaomi smartphone earlier might not feel comfortable with pressing the button and would have rather wanted to tap and reach the home screen.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Home Button Tap

Thankfully, the MIUI 7 for Mi 5 has an option to just tap and reach the home screen. It is located under the same Button settings as given above. Select the option and then, you will just have to tap to reach the home screen of the Mi 5.

Just to take it further ahead, the Mi 5 also has the option to keep the navigation button backlight turned ON or off, and if you want the buttons to light up, the time frame of the same.

These things are indeed, very useful unless you are someone who doesn’t really care. But when you choose a phone like the Mi 5 that isn’t only about good user experience but also good internal hardware, you would surely want to do a lot more than the default options.

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  1. My xiaomi mi5 was able to tap home buttons to reach home screen. But then it changed, now i need to press eventhough the setting of home buttons tapping is already on. Please help..

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