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Xiaomi Mi 5 Themes

How to Change Themes in Xiaomi Mi 5

The good thing about Xiaomi’s smartphones is the MIUI interface as it offers a lot of usage and functions that enhance the user interface. Xiaomi Mi 5 comes with MIUI v7, which has some improvements from the previous version, but something that stays good since the previous ones is the option of changing themes.

The themes in Xiaomi phones change not just the look and wallpaper, but a few things including icons, fonts and such. Here’s how you can change the themes in the Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Themes

There is a theme store in the Xiaomi Mi 5, and it comes with the name “Themes” and you can find it directly on the home screen. Open that, but also, ensure that you need to be connected to the Internet for the database to show all the themes.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Theme Details

With Xiaomi, you will see a lot of themes based on the current time if there are sporting events, festivals and such. In the app, you will be able to scroll through the themes based on categories, top charts, and even check for just the wallpapers. The phone also has a few Offline themes to choose from, including Default, High Life, Rose, Pink Blush, and Ocean Breeze.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Themes Purchased

Download any theme from the store and you can apply it right away. Most of the themes are so well made that you won’t find any glitches, and changes are seen in even deeper parts of the interface.

So, that’s how easy it is to download and apply themes on Xiaomi Mi 5 at will, and make the look of the interface a lot different from what it is coming like by default. Of course, if you want anything changed overall, a launcher would do a lot and most of them come with themes to choose from. But, the themes in the Mi 5 do help in most of the cases.

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