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Samsung Galaxy S8 Secure Folder

What is Secure Folder on Samsung Galaxy S8 and how to use it?

For the security and privacy purposes on their phones, Samsung introduced Knox a few years ago. The update was rolled out in the newer versions of TouchWiz OS. Now, on the Galaxy S8, Samsung introduced “Secure Folder” feature which is nothing but a second space on your device. The Galaxy S8 with all these features packed and with its high performance is turning out be the best smartphone of the year overcoming their downside with the Galaxy Note 7. This secure folder is a part of the Knox on the Galaxy S8.

The below-listed features will also work the same on the Galaxy S8 Plus too.

What is Secure Folder?

As earlier said, it’s the second space on your device which you can use to store and secure your data that you want to make private. You can store photos, contacts, email, files, notes, and separate calendar. You can also add apps from your downloads or you can download them from Facebook.

How to enable it?

To enable the Secure Folder, go to Settings> Lock screen and Security> Secure Folder and enable it. After enabling it, it will be available in your app drawer.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Secure Folder Contents

What can be done using Secure Folder?

You can store private photos, calendar, contacts, email, browsing, files, and notes. You can add apps into the Secure Folder by clicking on add apps and you can select from your list of the apps or you can download them from Play Store. You can also backup your whole secure folder and restore it later.

To bring no suspicion, you can also customize the app icon and also change its name to some other thing. To do that, just click on the three-dot menu, click on customize icon and you can change the app icon and its name.

You can unlock the secure folder with the password you set up or with any primary lock pass (Fingerprint or Iris scanner), auto lock the secure folder after a certain period of time, choose if notifications are to be shown or not, and also if you want to see the Secure Folder. Also, Samsung Pass which is usually a master lock can be used to get access to the secure folder. You will first have to activate it to enable it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Secure Folder Settings

To delete the Secure Folder, you just click uninstall in its settings but keep note that it’s going to erase all the data. So, better take a backup or move all the contents to your local storage before uninstalling.

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