The Google’s AI, Google Assistant has made its way into the smartphones with the Google Allo App with in-app usage. With the launching of Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Google made it completely accessible throughout the whole device. Now, Google has made it available for all the Android phones running Android 6.0 or higher. If you still don’t have the Google Assistant on your device, here’s how to get Google Assistant.

Now, once you have it, you should take full advantage of it, otherwise there’s no point of using such a lovely feature offered to take advantage of the artificial intelligence. Let’s check out what are the best and easiest things that you can do with Google Assistant.

11 Cool Google Assistant Tricks

Use Google Assistant to unlock your device

Google Assistant Tips Unlock

To do that, go to Google Assistant Settings> “Ok Google” detection> register your voice and turn on the Trusted voice. After that, go into Settings> Security> Smart Lock> turn on Trusted Voice. Now, you can unlock your device with you saying “Ok Google”. Don’t worry, it will only unlock your device if the registered voice is heard.

See Text messages and Emails from the Assistant itself

Google Assistant Tips Read Messages

You can ask Google Assistant to show your text messages and Emails. It can also read out the text messages for you and you can reply to them from the assistant itself. Just say,”Ok Google, show me my text messages or emails” and by saying “reply” you can read out what you want to reply and it inserts into the text. The same goes with Emails as well.

See your photos

If you by any chance are using the Google Photos app, you can ask the Assistant to show your photos depending on specific events, date, and subjects. You can simply say,”Ok Google, show me my pictures from last month” or “show me my pictures of cars” and it pops out the pictures of cars in your device.

Take a selfie

Google Assistant Tips Selfie

You won’t have to struggle anymore to reach that capture button with Google Assistant. Just say,”Ok Google, Take a selfie” and it starts a 3 sec countdown to take the selfie. Just don’t forget to smile :D.

Post to Facebook

The Google Assistant lets you post to the facebook status without having to type anything. Just say whatever you want to update and it gets it done. Just say,”Ok Google, tell my friends that I’m going to a movie” and it posts off to your facebook and any other Social handles. To enable this, you will have to use an IFTTT plugin. For that, just go to this IFTTT page, click on Connect, sign-in and Turn On the Post to Facebook Plugin. That’s it, you can now post to social handles without having to type anything.

Translate on the Go

The Google Translate comes handy when you visit any new places out of your region. Now, with the Google Assistant, you won’t have to open the Google Translate app to do the work. You can just say,”Ok Google, translate how far is the airport to French” and you will be dictated how the sentence should be pronounced.

You can ask how your day was!

Google Assistant Tips How was my day

Google Assistant will tell you how your day is in terms of Weather, traffic in commuting, meetings, and reminders. Just say,”Ok Google, how is my day?”. It’ll dictate out everything in your day. To configure what it needs to say in your daily briefing, go to Google Assistant Settings > My day > and set your preferences there.

Play Music with Google Assistant

It’s hard to reach your phone always to play that music you want. Here, Google Assistant helps you out with playing the music you want without reaching the phone. Just say,”Ok Google, play Something Just Like This” and it starts popping out the song from your local list or pops out on the Youtube.

Make Google Assistant remember things for you

Google Assistant Tips Remember Things

Yes, you can get Google Assistant to remember things for you. For example, just say “Ok Google, remember that my wallet is in the car”. It will remember it for you and tell you when you ask “where is my wallet” or “what did I ask you to remember?”. It tells you what and when you asked it to remember. And yes, it can also remember multiple things you ask it to remember. You can also make it forget everything you told it to remember by saying, “Ok Google, forget everything I asked you to remember.”

Planning your dinner

The Google Assistant can help you plan your outing whether it’s for lunch, dinner or any other fancy place. It can also send you recommendations based on your searches.

Google Assistant speaks Morse code

Yes, the Google Assistant is capable of speaking in Morse code. Just ask, “Ok Google, do you speak morse code?” and it’ll start speaking in Morse code.

That’s it for this one. If you find any other funny things and tricks to ask Google Assistant, do let us know by commenting down.