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Honor 7x Camera

Honor 7x Camera Features – Exploring the plethora of options

Honor, the sub-brand under Huawei has got a unique interface that is loaded with features that enhance the user experience. The focus also has been on the camera department, which the company works on a lot with that being done on not just the hardware but also on the software side. The Honor 6x was one of the best mid-range devices earlier with the dual-lens camera setup, and there were much better ones from Honor if you take it to the premium range, but the focus on the mid-range segment hasn’t gone away as the Honor 7x that was recently introduced, has an amazing set of cameras, i.e. a 16MP + 2MP camera combination on the back.

Even on the front, the Honor 7x houses an 8-megapixel camera. While the hardware does seem right, it is the software that will help make things better, and thus here, we talk about what makes the Honor 7x camera so good – the app and the features.

The interface when filled with a plethora of options, but the good thing here is that you don’t have to keep looking around for them and most of these are just a swipe away, and some important ones sit right on the main camera interface. Let’s begin with what are the special features that also take advantage of the dual-lens camera.

Wide Aperture Mode

Honor 7x Wide Aperture Mode

Honor 7x Aperture Level

This mode, as the name suggests help widen the aperture and thus resulting in a heavier blur of the background. One of the major advantages of this mode is that you can edit the picture later, and set the focus on any part of the picture and the other areas get blurred, with you having the choice of setting the amount of blur based on the aperture level. It has been a part of the dual-camera features of Huawei and Honor phones for a good time now.

Portrait Mode

Honor 7x Portrait Mode

The portrait mode also works on blurring the background but along with that, it adds the beautification effects. This also works on the aperture size settings but it adds beautification to make the pictures better, but with the fact that you are capturing people and not the objects in this case. The good thing is, you can remove the beautification option before taking the picture.

Moving Picture

With this one, you are not capturing a picture but a scene. The camera actively records every bit of the scene and when the mode is active, whenever you hit the shutter, it will save a small video, of about two seconds, with a second of the scene before you hit the button, and a second after.

Modes in Honor 7x Camera App

Now, let’s get deeper into the Modes section, which can be accessed by swiping right from left on the screen when the camera app is active. Following are the camera modes in the Honor 7x camera app.

Honor 7x Camera App Modes

  • Pro Photo
  • Video
  • Pro Video
  • HDR
  • Night Shot
  • Panorama
  • Light painting
  • Time-lapse
  • Slow-mo
  • Filter
  • Effects
  • Watermark
  • Audio note

To add to these, you can install and add more, including ones like Good Food mode and Document scan.

Swiping left from right on the camera interface takes you to the effects section. There are several effects to choose from.

The Pro Mode in the Honor 7x works like a charm if you know what you are doing. It is amazing in a way that we are looking at smartphone cameras with big expectations as they have been able to deliver the results, but when they also offer you something that can enhance the quality by the manual controlling of the capture conditions, it makes the deal even better.

Honor 7x Pro Photo

The ISO can be set from 50 to 1600, Shutter speed from 1/4000 to 8 seconds, exposure value from -4 to +4, Focusing, and the White balance can be set manually. The professional mode of photography is now commonly available in several phones, but Honor here is taken it ahead to offer a Pro video mode as well to set things manually while capturing videos. The Pro Video mode lets you change the exposure value, focus, and the white balance.

Honor 7x camera sample

For the low light photography, the Honor 7x has two modes, i.e. Night Shot, and Light Painting. The night shot, as the name suggests, does the obvious – capturing brighter captures even when there is no good light available around. The light painting is an excellent feature using which one can take a complete trial picture of the entire light movement captured in a single frame. This helps especially when you are trying to take a picture of some fire stunt, or even the flashlight of the phone while it is being used to draw alphabets or shapes.

Quick shortcuts for camera actions

Honor 7x Shortcuts

The camera app also presents some good shortcut options, which include the following.

  • Touch to capture – Touching on the screen captures the picture, without you having to selectively tap on the shutter button.
  • Volume button function – The volume button can be used to either act as the Shutter, Zoom, or Focus.
  • Fingerprint gesture capture – Although the setting for this is not within the camera app, it still is a wonderful feature that can be set from the Fingerprint settings under the main Settings of the phone. Once you activate this, you will have to long press on the fingerprint sensor to capture the picture.

The Honor 7x is not the only phone to have this feature-filled app to take advantage of and enhance the photography skills. If you know how to use it rightly, the Honor 7x can capture excellent pictures irrespective of how the conditions are.

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