Apple iOS 11 recently started rolling out for the public and it came packed with several exciting features including a few secret ones. However, we soon started hearing several people complain about a few bugs in the update which they claim to have been causing a reduced battery life. This made me advise my friends to hold off the update for a while which looked stupid to them then but appears like a better move to have been taken now.

A mobile security firm called Wandera has conducted a few tests and can confirm the claim with substantial evidence that the battery life has really decreased after the iOS 11 update.

It is fairly common that people come cribbing on the online forums about how slow their iPhone has become after the latest update or how the battery life has drastically dropped. However, more often than not, these are just mere speculation and there is no evidence to prove the reduction in battery life or performance. This time around, Wandera has found concrete evidence of serious degradation in the battery life of iPhones that updated their software.

The company has gathered this data by monitor a subset of about 50,000 moderate to heavy users of iPhone and iPad on their network running the iOS 11 and iOS 10 operating systems. The result turned out rather disappointing as the iOS 11 battery life turned out to decay more than twice as fast as the devices running iOS 10.

Getting into the details, Wandera reports that iPhone users running iOS 10 can use their device for about 240 minutes on an average while iOS 11 users last just 96 minutes which is a massive decline of over 60%. Wandera went a step ahead and found the decay rate on both the devices, the decay rate on the iOS 10 device turned out to be 0.006958 percent per second and for iOS 11 it’s 0.01739 percent per second.  Wandera claims that this might be because of the Spotlight re-indexing on iOS 11 and the fact that people tend to try out all the latest features in the first few days of upgrading. You can try to turn off the location services in the Privacy settings and if that doesn’t help either then the only resort is to use the low power mode till Apple pushes out a new update that will hopefully fix the excessive battery drain issue.

Some users have reported improvement in battery life of their iPhones and iPads after the performed a factory reset on their iPhones, but there is a catch. You cannot restore from a previous backup and must set up the device as a brand-new device which means you will lose out on all your important apps and data and it still doesn’t work for a few.