Twitter was planning to increase the character limit and this was in plans for sometime now. Today, the announcement made says that you will soon be able to write longer tweets with double the character limit to what is currently available, i.e. 280 characters will be the new limit.

While the new character limit is available for only a certain group of users while it is in the testing phase, you can still do that on your account with a workaround. In fact, here’s one that I was able to write with the same.

A Twitter user shared a script (as reported by TheVerge) that can be used on Google Chrome to help extend the character limit from the 140 characters currently to 280 characters. Here’s how to use it.

Download and Install Tampermonkey Chrome app from the Web store: Link

Once that is installed, open the dropdown list on the Tampermonkey icon and click on “Create a new script”. Once you do that, it will open a page for you to paste the script. The script that you need is here – Link. Copy and paste it.

Enable the script and it will start running. Now, open and there it would show you the 140 number limit but once you start typing, you will notice that the counter doesn’t work and it would let you type and show the red character limitation when it reaches the count of 280 characters.

Not an official method but still works. If it doesn’t, you just have to disable and enable the script again before opening to enter the tweet. As you can see, it worked perfectly for me and it did on the first time itself.