Airtel and Huawei together set a benchmark in the Indian history by successfully conducting India’s first 5G network trial under a test set up. This was a major milestone achieved by both the companies in the move towards a faster and more seamless connectivity. The trial was conducted at Airtel’s state of the art Network Experience Centre in Gurgaon.

This test was conducted to check the ability of the network provider and the setup included a 5G RAN operating on the 3.5GHz band via a 5G Core and a 50GE Network Slicing Router. The test resulted in very pleasing results and a user throughput of more than 3Gpbs was achieved by Airtel and Huawei using the above test equipment. This is the highest measure throughput for any mobile network in the 3.5GHz band and the end to end network latency on the 100MHz band was just about 1 millisecond. This setup was successful in demonstrating the efficiency and potential of different services including IoT, AR, and VR which can deliver better content over the 5G network and connect the world better.

The 5G R15 is focussed towards laying the foundation for support towards services such as Virtual Reality, Ultra High definition video, and several other use cases that we might come across in the future. 3GPP completed the first drop of the 5G standards in December 2017.

Emmanuel Coelho Alves, the Director of Wireless Marketing at the Huawei HQ commented on the test and said

“We have been focusing on developing the 5G ecosystem and use cases, and the show with Bharti Airtel impressively demonstrates the performance capability of 5G in 3.5 GHz band. We shall also continue to work with Vertical Industry players to develop wider ecosystem use cases beyond enhanced mobile broadband.”



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    Huawei and Airtel on full form!! #Honor9LiteGiveaway

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