You got a Jio SIM after some good struggle at the store where getting the card is not easy these days, but most of the users who even though have a 4G phone are facing a problem of making calls on their Jio number. What could be the issue? Well, there are some different reasons for the same. In the guide below, we discuss about the same and the possible solutions to make calls on Jio SIM.

Before that, if you are still struggling to get the SIM, you are not alone. Also, read the Jio Welcome Offer guide to know what are the limitations and what you are getting as a part of the offer that ends on December 31st, 2016.

Jio 4G

Jio SIM call fail issue – Possible reasons and fixes

Phone doesn’t have VoLTE

jio-4g-voice-appThis is one of the most common reasons and this is not actually an issue because if the feature is missing in the phone, you simply cannot make calls on your Jio 4G SIM. Just having 4G LTE connectivity on the phone is enough to get data connectivity but for making calls, there’s Voice-over-LTE that is needed.

What’s VoLTE? This is a feature that allows calls over data network. The way data is sent is different and uses a different technology, that is the reason the phone needs to have that feature available, otherwise calling won’t be possible, unless you try any specific workaround for it.

Download the JioJoin or Jio 4G Voice app from here.

Solution if phone doesn’t have VoLTE:

Reliance Jio has a good solution for this. The app named Jio4GVoice (earlier named as JioJoin) is the one you have to use to make calls if you are not able to directly make calls on the Phone app. The app is exclusively made for Jio SIM and Jio network users and it makes it possible to make HD voice and video calls.

To check if your phone has VoLTE, check the list of VoLTE enabled phones for Jio.

Data network isn’t turned on

This is again dependent on the phone you have. If the phone is VoLTE enabled, you need to check the below settings but if you have a non-VoLTE phone, then it is probably that you have the data turned off. For a phone where you are using the Jio4GVoice app, you won’t be able to make calls if you don’t have the data service activated.

Solution: Keep the data connection active on your phone. Only then the calls will go through, because the calls take data as the source for sending the message across, unlike the standard calling that doesn’t have anything to do with data.

Televerification hasn’t happened

Don’t be confident that your Jio SIM is verified already if you had made a call for it and had got the verification done. Jio verification is separate for data and calls. So, if you are sure that your phone has VoLTE and still the calls are not happening, the non-verification might be a reason.

Solution – Tele-verify your Jio number for calls:

You need to call 1977 for the tele verification. If you had earlier dialled 1800-890-1977, that was only for the data activation and now you will have to dial 1977, or you can actually dial any phone number because it will take you to the Jio verification service and you will be asked to enter the details based on the proof you had provided.

Calls say network busy

If you see this as a problem, with some message saying “All lines in this route are busy” or something similar to this, it is a problem with the other network providers and not with Jio. It is the disagreement to give Jio the interconnect points that are necessary for the call to connect. According to the leading telecom providers, i.e. Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, etc. every call that a receiver is getting, has a charge that the call initiating network has to pay.

Jio is not paying that because according to Reliance, Jio is an IP based network and the calls are made on the Internet. The issue is still on right now and the networks have not yet patched up together.

Solution – Patience, waiting

This is what you can do right now because the network operators have to come to a proper agreement and only then the calls will be successfully happening without a problem. In this case, you cannot do anything from your side because this is with the end network. WhatsApp calling or any alternative till then? You are on a Preview / Welcome offer and have good data to use anyway, right?


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